Celebrity Cruises Partners up with Style

Between Project Runway and OC Style Week, this is shaping up to be a very stylish summer and fall for Celebrity Cruises SoCal.

Last week, we had a viewing party at Fashion Island in Newport Beach to watch the August 19 episode of Project Runway. We broke out the bubbly to celebrate a special appearance Celebrity Cruises’ CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo. 

Style was in full force at the viewing party and we highlighted designs created by FIDM in partnership with Celebrity Cruises and which will be featured at Style Week Orange County in just a few weeks. 

About Style Week Orange County

Style Week Orange County — the OC’s biggest fashion week — is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited. We love style at Celebrity Cruises — it’s why we have boutiques onboard our ships with top brand names and why we pay such close attention the the interior decorating of our staterooms and common rooms. We want our guests to feel comfortable on our ships and we know that impeccable style is one way to accomplish that.

Since we love style so much, we’ve teamed up with Orange County Style Week once again this year and will be sponsoring it and hosting some contests and sweepstakes.

One such contest that you can witness unfold is in partnership with FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Celebrity Cruises has offered some of their students the chance to design clothes that are inspired by Celebrity’s Modern Luxury. These fashions will be modeled at Style Week and a winner will be chosen by a panel of judges.

The first runway event where these fashions will be strolled down the runway is on September 12 at Fashion Island. The second runway show will be September 19 at Irvine Spectrum. Both events begin at 7 p.m. Seating is limited, but there will be standing room around each runway from which you can see the show while you’re walking around the mall.

For more information on Style Week OC, click here.

Port of Call Spotlight: Mykonos

Mykonos is a gorgeous island in Greece. It is also a top cruise port thank to its white-washed seaside towns, beautiful beaches, historical ruins, and delicious food. Here are just some of the ways you can spend a day in port while in Mykonos.

Explore Mykonos Town

Explore Charming Mykonos Town
Explore charming Mykonos Town.

Mykonos Town is adjacent to the where the cruise ships dock (though depending where along the harbor your ship is, you may still want to opt for public transportation as opposed to walking to the town) and is a great little place to explore. You’ll encounter white buildings, bright blue doors, and zigzagging alleyways and streets just waiting to be explored.

Rent a Scooter or 4-Wheeler

Explore beyond Mykonos and Town and hop on a scooter or 4-wheeler for fun and adventure. Zoom yourself across the island to one of Mykonos’ best beaches, enjoying scenic vistas along the way.

Lounge on a Beach

Mykonos has some gorgeous, relaxing beaches. Visit sandy Elia Beach and rent a beach chair and tropical-looking umbrella for the day, or head to family-friendly Kalafatis Beach where you can swim in the clear, calm water.

Explore the Island’s Top Sites

On a comfortable tour bus, you can see some of Mykonos’ top sites on the Scenic Island Drive with Ano Mera Monastery shore excursion. Tour the island on a comfortable air-conditioned tour bus as you visit Agios Ioannis and Ornos beaches, plus get out and tour the 16th century Ano Mera monastery before ending your tour with a drink and appetizer in the bustling Village Square.

Tour Nearby History

Ancient ruins on the island of Delos.
Ancient ruins on the island of Delos.

Mykonos is a short boat ride to the tiny island of Delos, which is home to the Temple of Apollo (Delos is said to be the birthplace of Apollo). You’ll tour the temple ruins and learn more about the ancient architecture and how Greek gods played a role in Ancient Greece.

Port of Call Spotlight: Mykonos, Greece. Get tips on what to do during a cruise stop in Mykonos.

To book your Mediterranean cruise to Mykonos, visit www.CelebrityCruises.com/SoCal or speak with your local travel agent.

Experience Italian Cuisine in OC & in Italy on a Celebrity Cruise

Eat it Here, Then Eat it There…

Italian Restaurants Honored at the Golden Foodies in Orange County

Do you love Italian cuisine? Then you’re in good company if you live in SoCal. So popular is Italian food that it’s even one of the categories for the Golden Foodies Awards of Orange County.

Last year, the 2014 Golden Foodies nominees were Antonella Ristorante, Cucina Enoteca, and Mare Culinary Lounge (with Mare Culinary Lounge taking home the win). 2015 voting is underway – you can cast your vote here for your favorite Orange County restaurant, and then stay tuned for who the winner is when they’re announced on September 27 at the awards ceremony in Newport Beach — and Celebrity Cruises will see you there!

After you get your fill of Italian cuisine in Orange County, experience the tastes of Italy by going to the boot-shaped Italian country on a Celebrity cruise.

Celebrity Cruises Italy Ports of Call

Celebrity Cruises has many incredible ports of call throughout Italy that you can visit. Depending on your interests, you can choose an itinerary that just stops at one or two of them along with visiting other nearby countries, or do an itinerary that is predominately Italian ports of call. Here is a list of some of the most popular ports of call – and some of the dishes they’re known for that you can try while in port:

Livorno – This is the gateway port to Florence and Pisa. Visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa or the stunning Duomo in Florence, then dine on a streetside panini and savor the quality of bread you’ll find.

Naples – Known for its delicious Neapolitan pizza. From Naples, you can also visit the Amalfi Coast, Capri, or Pompeii while in port.

CivitavecchiaRome is just a brief train ride away from this port town, where you can see Rome’s many historic sites plus eat some Offal, a meat tradition that uses the part of meat that normally gets thrown out; the history of which goes back to the many slaughterhouses that were once in Rome. The Carbonara found in Rome is also excellent.

Venice – The city built on water has amazing canal views plus is known for its Baccala’ Mantecata (a mousse style way of preparing dried, salted cod) and many tasty gelato shops.

La Spezia – For those wanting to experience the wonder of Cinque Terre, La Spezia is a great starting off point for that adventure. Each of the five small towns is also known for its local produce and fish.

Messina – Experience the world of Sicily while in port in Messina and try the local spaghetti – it may typically be considered a simple dish, but your tastebuds won’t find anything simple about the spaghetti served in Sicily.

In addition to these ports of call, Celebrity has itineraries that visit Genoa, Ravenna, Salerno, Cagliari, and Catania.

Tuscan Grille Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises
Tuscan Grille Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises

You can also try some Italian cuisine when onboard your Celebrity cruise ship at the specialty restaurant, Tuscan Grille, which serves up family-style Italian dishes in a setting reminiscent of an elegant Tuscan farmhouse.

To plan your cruise to Italy, visit www.CelebrityCruises.com/SoCal or speak with your local travel agent.

Celebrity Cruises Wine Experiences Photo Tour

Celebrity Cruises has a lot of incredible wine experiences and activities onboard. From self-serving wine bars to food and wine pairing tastings to expert sommeliers at dinner, if you love wine, you’re going to want to sail away on Celebrity.

Best Cruise Wine Experiences

If you like the wine experiences you’re about to read about, be sure to also read up on Go Big, Go Better, Go Best with Celebrity Cruises which gets you a free perk on your cruise — such as a free beverage package that includes alcoholic beverages like wine for your entire cruise!

Here are just some of the best cruise wine experiences you’ll encounter onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Wine tasting experience onboard Celebrity Cruises.
Wine tasting onboard Celebrity Cruises.
Enjoy a glass of wine on Celebrity Cruises.
Enjoy a glass of wine on Celebrity Cruises.
Learn more about wine around the world on a wine related shore excursion.
Learn more about wine around the world on a wine related shore excursion.
Learn more about wine from sommeliers.
Learn more about wine from sommeliers.
Enjoy a glass of wine on the Celebrity Lawn Club.
Enjoy an al fresco glass of wine on the Celebrity Lawn Club.
Wine demonstration at Cellar Masters, the onboard wine bar.
Wine demonstration at Cellar Masters, the onboard wine bar.
Pour your own tasting at Cellar Masters.
Pour your own tasting at Cellar Masters.

To book your own wine-oriented cruise, visit www.CelebrityCruises.com/SoCal or call your local travel agent. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on special offers, new itineraries, and other Celebrity Cruises news.


The Classic Beverage Package Perk

Do you love a good drink while on vacation? Then you’ll love Go Big, Go Better, Go Best Pricing

When looking at the Go Big, Go Better, Go Best pricing for oceanview staterooms and higher categories onboard Celebrity Cruises, it might be tempting to go with the lowest pricing tier, which is an inside cabin. But not only will Go Big pricing give you the luxury of being able to see each new port of call from the privacy of your stateroom, you’ll also get considerable savings with each tier of Go Big, Go Better, Go Best that may actually save you money overall on your vacation.

Let’s take a look at just the drink package today. You might say, “well…I’ll just have a drink a day or I might not drink every day so it’s not really worth upgrading to get the beverage package.” However, be sure to think carefully about that thought pattern. Most people are going to have a couple drinks per day, possibly several during days at sea. You’re on vacation after all!

But — those drinks can add up quickly. With a drink package you don’t need to be surprised by a higher than expected bar bill at the end of your cruise – you know what you’re spending each day in advance, which is $55 per night…OR with Go Big or Go Better pricing, you can automatically include the drink package if you choose it as one of your perks (find out more about how the pricing and perks work here). The Classic Beverage Package perk includes beer up to $6 per glass, wine up to $9 per glass, and liqueur / frozen drinks up to $8 per serving. Plus, with Go Best pricing, you’re automatically upgraded to a Premium Beverage Package (premium liquors, craft beer, and wine up to $13 per glass) and you get the three other perks!

Those three other perks are free gratuities, free unlimited Internet and up to $150 Onboard Credit to spend on spa treatments, shore excursions, and more. Since an Internet package is at least $299 on a 7-night cruise for the unlimited package you get as part of Go Best pricing, and gratuities are at least $12.95 per day, that means on a 7-night cruise you’re saving up to $578.50. As it’s typically less than $450 to upgrade (and sometimes less than $350) from Go Big pricing to Go Best pricing, it’s a great value to “Go Best!”

To book your Go Big, Go Better, or Go Best cruise, visit www.CelebrityCruises.com/SoCal or speak with your local travel agent.