Where in the World Wednesday: April 27, 2016

Can you figure out the destination based off of the clues below?

Picture Clue

Photo courtesy of Br3nda via Flickr.
Photo courtesy of Br3nda via Flickr.

Word Clue

Built around a very sheltered harbor, this picturesque seaside town has an attractive seafront dotted with cafés, galleries, a floating maritime museum and aquarium. This town, named after a military officer killed at the battle of Waterloo, offers a wide range of activities and is one of Celebrity Cruises’ newest ports of call. Here you can enjoy sea kayaking, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, viewing penguin colonies in their natural habitat, or visiting some of the best wineries and vineyards in this country. While wildlife abounds, interestingly there are no natural four-legged animals and no snakes here. Bats are the only indigenous mammal. The first non-flying animals were brought here by settlers over 700 years ago.

Where in the World is This Destination?

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If you guessed Picton, New Zealand, you were right! Picton is a quaint town located in the Marlborough region in the northern portion of New Zealand’s south island, a 3.5 hour ferry ride across Cook Strait to the capital city of Wellington on the tip of New Zealand’s north island. The town of Picton was named after Lieutenant-General James Picton, an associate of the Duke of Wellington.

Nestled at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, Picton is possibly New Zealand’s most pretty seaside town and one of Celebrity Cruises’ newest ports of call. Boasting one fifth of New Zealand’s coastline at its door and the best climate in New Zealand, elevates the charming little fishing village of Picton into a world class destination for visitors to Marlborough.

Seafood is cooked simply here and world class wines produced in Marlborough’s world famous wine region are very much on the menu. Independent restaurants owned by passionate foodies serving internationally influenced dishes can be found alongside traditional Kiwi eateries serving hot pies, ’ fush n chups’ and custard squares.

The Marlborough Sounds are full of amazing marine life featuring 5 species of dolphin including Hector’s Dolphin, the smallest dolphin in the world, found only in the waters around New Zealand. Adult dolphins average about five feet in length, so they are smaller than most adult humans. They prefer shallow water and so don’t usually stray far out into the sea. Also visible in Picton are Orca and Hump Back whales, Fur Seals, Blue Penguins, rare birds and other beautiful animals. The sounds are often called paradise by the locals and when you explore them you realize why. The Marlborough Sounds are truly one of the earth’s most beautiful water landscapes.



Port of Call Spotlight: Vancouver, British Columbia

What to Do in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia, has an enviable position on the west coast of Canada on a bank of land that extends into the Salish Sea. Also close to the city are the North Shore Mountains, causing Vancouver to be beautifully surrounded by both glistening water and towering peaks. This means that not only is there a scenic view to behold from practically wherever you are in Vancouver, there are also many activities to do both by the waterfront and in the bustling city center.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is Vancouver’s answer to NYC’s Central Park, only instead of being surrounded by the city, Stanley Park is right next to downtown and is connected to it by a narrow strip of land, meaning it is nearly completely surrounded by gorgeous sea water. Stanley Park has hiking, bike trails, water activities, and even an aquarium, but one thing you can’t miss doing while there is to walk around the totem poles on display. These historic totem poles are impressive to behold and date back as far as the 1880s. You’ll be able to learn about the history and meaning behind each totem pole during your visit.

Vancouver’s Water Activities

Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia — surrounded by so much beautiful water

Vancouver has plenty to do on the water from fishing to kayaking. One popular adrenaline rush is to head out onto the water on a floatplane, which will soar you over the city before landing right on the water and gliding atop it.

The Beaches of Vancouver

It might seem odd to think of going to the beach when you’re visiting such a cosmopolitan city, but Vancouver’s beaches shouldn’t be overlooked. They’re sandy and many have mesmerizing views of the Vancouver skyline. For an upbeat atmosphere, check out Kitsilano Beach with its volleyball nets, adjacent saltwater pool, and socializing sunbathers. For a more relaxing time, head to Spanish Banks beach, where you’ll have a panoramic view of Vancouver and escape some of the crowds.

Cuisine and Shopping in Vancouver

Vancouver has a wide range of cuisine and you can experience a diverse sample of it on a culinary walking tour. Such a tour will also give you the chance to explore the pretty streets of downtown Vancouver and its impressive architecture.

Once you’ve fueled up with some food, shop ’til you drop in one of Vancouver’s downtown malls. The Waterfront Centre Shops is conveniently located close to the cruise ship terminal. Pacific Centre Mall on busy Granville Street is also a hot spot for shoppers, especially those looking for the latest fashions.

Port of Call Spotlight: Vancouver, British Columbia. Get tips on what to do during a cruise stop in Vancouver.

It’s easy to explore Vancouver before or after an Alaska cruise since many itineraries depart from and end in the city. Arrive a few days early or extend your stay after your cruise to explore this magnificent city more and discover which part you like best — the glamorous downtown Vancouver vibe or the prevalent nature surrounding the skyscrapers.

This summer, the Celebrity Millennium will be doing sailings from the port of Vancouver, just after it has gotten released from dryadic, where it underwent an $8 million refurbishment. The ship now has updated Suite Class staterooms, an Italian steakhouse specialty restaurant, a new Rooftop Terrace with chaise lounges, cabanas, and an outdoor movie screen.

Where in the World Wednesday

Can you figure out the destination based off of the clues below?

Picture Clue

Where in the world does this building reside? Photo courtesy of Rick Ligthelm via Flickr.
Where in the world does this building reside? Photo courtesy of Rick Ligthelm via Flickr.

Word Clue

Situated along the lake shore on a broad sloping plateau, this city boasts very unique architecture including a Gothic Castle, half a house, and a magnificent skyline. Aboriginal people have inhabited this city for thousands of years and today it’s one of the five largest cities on its continent and regularly voted among the world’s most livable cities. Here you can enjoy over 300 days of measurable sunshine, 8,000 restaurants, and 1,600 parks. Nearly a third of this city’s residents speak a language other than English and French.

Where in the World is This Destination?

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The answer is…

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, is the provincial capital of Ontario, and is the 5th largest city in North America. Toronto is routinely ranked among the most livable cities in the world.

Why Now is the Time to Plan Your Summer Cruise

You know how summer is awesome on the west coast? The water finally gets warm in southern California, the rain ends in Washington, the Bay Area’s fog slowly lifts, and the temperature rises along the entire coast line? Well, what makes summer so great on the west coast is also what makes summer so spectacular in other areas of the world, too, and you should think about exploring them this summer. One of the easiest, most relaxing ways to do that is via a cruise and now is the perfect time to book.

Why Book Your Cruise Now?

As it gets closer to summer, more and more people will be booking last minute cruises. Get ahead of those people and ensure your ideal itinerary or cabin doesn’t sell out by reserving your spot now. Booking sooner rather than later also means having more availability of where on the ship your stateroom is located. Perhaps you prefer to be closer to the side of the ship the spa or main restaurant is on, or you like being on one of the higher decks. Booking earlier helps to ensure you get such a stateroom.

Get your ideal stateroom by booking a cruise now, like this Aqua Class Veranda Stateroom
Get your ideal stateroom by booking a cruise now, like this Aqua Class Veranda Stateroom

You’re still close enough to summer sailings, though, that you can take advantage of some great deals. Right now, Celebrity Cruises is offering its Summer Sale with cruises in oceanview staterooms beginning at $899. Plus, this Summer Sale includes a free drink package and a free Xcelerate Internet package with your fare. The latter is a big deal if you need to stay connected while sailing since Internet on cruise lines has historically been slow and expensive; Celebrity Cruises is turning that idea on its head by offering faster Wi-Fi that — for a limited time — is included in your cruise fare. If you need Internet access readily available on vacation, you’ll want to take advantage of this special. Plus, book today as part of the Summer Sale and you only need to put down 50% of the typical deposit.

Spa onboard Celebrity Cruises
Spa onboard Celebrity Cruises

Great deals aren’t the only reason to book a summer cruise right now, though. Planning a vacation also means getting it on the books at work before other people ask for that week off. Once you do you’ll have something blissfully relaxing to look forward to while you sit at your desk waiting for the last of blustery temperatures to leave and summer to truly arrive.

Wine tasting experience onboard Celebrity Cruises.
Wine tasting onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Plus, there’s all the things you can do onboard that you can’t typically do at home, like have multi-course dinners served to you each night, take wine tasting classes, attend live music and Broadway-style shows, swim in a pool with the open ocean surrounding you, and much more.

Tuscan Grille Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises
Tuscan Grille Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises

In port, you can lounge on a beach, explore historical landmarks, do an adventurous shore excursion, or hire private transportation to make your day completely your own. Whatever you decide, you’ll have an incredible summer vacation with Celebrity Cruises — as long as you don’t wait too long to book and miss out.

Exploring Santorini, Greece, while in port with Celebrity Cruises.
Exploring Santorini, Greece, while in port with Celebrity Cruises.

Visit www.CelebrityCruises.com to find your perfect summer cruise itinerary.



Announcing the Celebrity Cruises West Coast Blog!

The Celebrity Cruises SoCal Blog is now the Celebrity Cruises West Coast Blog! We are excited to be continuing to bring you fresh content about California, but now it will apply to the entire west coast of the United States, plus Alaska and Hawaii. We’ll also continue to let you know about special deals and event coming up for west coast residents. Here’s what you can find on this site:

Cruising for West Coasters

Articles talking about what type of cruise or port of call you’ll most like based off of your favorite west coast city or activity, such as a Southern Californian who loves the San Diego Zoo may enjoy a Galapagos cruise. We’ll also highlight aspects onboard or in port during a cruise that will be of particular interest to many residents living on this side of the country, like craft beer experiences onboard Celebrity Cruises. Wondering what life onboard a cruise is like and what ship or stateroom is best for you? We’ll talk about that on this blog, too.

We’ll also let you know about special deals or promotions that you may want to take advantage of and why each deal is beneficial to West Coasters. If there’s anything new coming up in the world of Celebrity Cruises that we think will be of interest to those living in the west, such as wine-focused cruises, you’ll also likely find a write-up about it on here and why you’ll like it.

Port of Call Spotlights

Wondering what there is to do in port cities around the world? Each month we’ll highlight a new port and talk about what cruises sail to it and what activities and shore excursions you can do while there. You can also check out our existing Port of Call Spotlights in our blog archives.

Upcoming Events on the West Coast

Celebrity Cruises will have a presence at fun events like wine and food festivals all around the west coast this year. At many of these events we’ll be pouring wine or cocktails that we serve onboard our ships, plus attendees will have the opportunity to enter to win prizes, including a free cruise. Our About page lists out which ones are coming up next.

West Coast Life

This blog isn’t only about cruising. We’ll also talk about activities you can do at home on the west coast, ranging from restaurants and hikes to special attractions and historic landmarks.

Have any questions? Please feel free to reach out to us! You can reach us via the links on our Contact Us page, or leave us a comment on this page or any of our blog posts. We hope you enjoy reading the Celebrity Cruises West Coast Blog!