Get Married at Sea with Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Weddings by Celebrity Cruises Provides an Incredible Destination Wedding Experience

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with love in the air, engagements and wedding planning often follow. What does this have to do with cruising you may be wondering? Celebrity Cruises offers incredible weddings at sea and they are like no other destination wedding. So if you have upcoming nuptials, vow renewals to celebrate, or want to give some advice to a friend who is looking for a special, unique way to celebrate wedded bliss, read on.

Easy and Convenient Way to Plan a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a fun way to tie the knot, especially for couples who love to travel, but they can also be a stressful endeavor to take on. When planning a destination wedding, you can’t just easily pop into different venues to tour them or meet with caterers and DJs to make sure your personalities fit. Not to mention you need to spend money to fly to the destination to plan it, which can add a substantial amount to your budget. If you try to do all the planning remotely, you’ll likely feel stressed if everything is going to turn out how you expect it to be.

Get married during a cruise and Celebrity Cruises will help take on the wedding planning for you. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact both before (your Event Manager) and during the cruise (your Event Coordinator) to help you expertly arrange your celebration.

Getting married at sea with Celebrity Cruises means you know you are putting your wedding in the hands of a reputable company that has expertise in putting together destination weddings during a cruise.

Another added worry-free bonus of having your wedding celebration during a cruise vacation is that you won’t have to worry about where your guests are staying or what they’ll eat or be entertained by on non-wedding days.

It’s also an all-inclusive wedding experience since all components of the wedding can be arranged for you. In addition to keeping your mind less stressed, you’ll also save tons of time on the months leading up to your wedding by not having to search for and interview photographers, florists, caterers and DJs or musicians. Celebrity Cruises has highly skilled professionals on board and in port to work with that provide these services during your wedding and reception.

A Variety of Wedding Celebrations and Amenities to Choose From

There are many ways to celebrate a wedding with Celebrity Cruises. For the ceremony, couples can get married on the ship, either in an indoor ceremony location or on the deck of the ship. Couples can also get married on land while in port. Not all options are available in every port and some (like the deck ceremonies) are done on embarkation day.

Wedding and vow renewal packages with Celebrity Cruises often include fun perks, too, such as sparkling wine upon check-in to your stateroom or after the ceremony. Guests can even come on the cruise ship the day of your wedding reception even if they aren’t passengers, though this is most common in embarkation ports and is dependent on location. Your Event Manager can assist in planning the right location and package for you depending on what is most important to you and your partner.

Your ship’s captain is able to perform legal marriages and will be the one to officiate if you have your ceremony on the ship. If getting married on land while in port, your ceremony will be conducted by a non-denominational officiate. You’ll need to get a marriage license for the country where you’re getting married. If you’re exchanging vows on the ship and being married by the captain, that country will be Malta.

Receptions can be held in private rooms on the ship after the ceremony with food and beverage service and music.

The excellent thing is that you’re not on your own trying to figure out how to coordinate your preferred wedding style and location since your Celebrity Cruises Event Manager will be available to help make sure everything gets taken care of.

Same-Sex Marriages at Sea

Celebrity Cruises captains are able to perform legally-recognized same-sex marriage while in international waters. This came after the parliament of Malta voted to legalize same-sex marriage last year. The majority of Celebrity Cruises’ ships are registered in Malta, which meant this historic first for Celebrity Cruises of officiating weddings for the LGBTQ+ community while at sea can now occur.

Same-sex marriages can also be conducted on land while in port during a Celebrity Cruises sailing in countries that legally recognize same-sex marriage.

Proposals, Too! Sail Away for an Amazing Engagement

Also, if you’re not married yet, but are looking for a special and memorable way to pop the question, Celebrity Cruises also offers proposal packages. Whisk your beloved off on an exotic cruise vacation and then when she or he least expects it, pop that question with the help of Celebrity Cruises.

With a proposal package, Celebrity Cruises will arrange a table for you in one of the specialty restaurants to ask the question with a photographer on hand to take engagement photos right after the proposal. You will also have an Event Manager and Event Coordinator to consult with before and during the cruise to make sure everything is set up accordingly for the proposal.

There are many more options, too, to make the occasion special, including scattered rose petals in your stateroom, sparkling wine and chocolate covered strawberries, and gourmet breakfast in your stateroom the morning after the proposal.

Ready to start planning your dream wedding or proposal? Visit the wedding information page on and start figuring out where around the world your destination wedding and fun cruise reception will be.

How to Visit All 7 Continents in 7 Years…Or Less!

Visiting every continent of the world is something many people dream about. It may seem like an improbable dream, or one that will take a lifetime to achieve, but it’s actually easier than you might think. Celebrity Cruises sails to every continent and will get you there in style and comfort while offering you 5-star service and fun, exciting ways to explore each port you visit. Here’s how you can easily visit all seven continents in just seven years with Celebrity Cruises – read on to the end for some tips on how to hit each continent even faster!

North America

Cruising by Hubbard Glacier in Alaska
Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

If you live on the west coast of the United States, you’ve obviously already visited the continent of North America – you live on it! But there is likely much more you can explore, especially if you haven’t left the continental U.S. recently, which a cruise makes it easy to do. One epic place to head? The Last Frontier of America: Alaska.

Celebrity Cruises offers convenient Alaska sailings that depart from Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. Choose from a cruise that focuses on Hubbard Glacier or Tracy Arm Fjord along with visiting ports of call like Juneau, Ketchikan, and Anchorage. Not sure which epic glacier route is best for you? Read our blog post all about Hubbard Glacier and Tracy Arm Fjord.

If you want somewhere more exotic and that will check a different country (or two or three…) off your bucket list, jet off to the Caribbean for a cruise that stops in multiple islands. Visit the lively islands of the Western Caribbean, like the Bahamas and Jamaica; the exotic locales of the Southern Caribbean including the islands of Aruba and Turks and Caicos; or the famous sites on the islands of the Eastern Caribbean like the pitons of St. Lucia and Magens Bay in St. Thomas.

South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The stop for Carnival on one of Celebrity Cruises Signature Event Sailings.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

South America cruises are a great way to explore this southern hemisphere continent. You can cruise right through the wonder of the Panama Canal and experience it firsthand from a prime vantage point on the ship’s deck. Or you can head farther south and do a cruise that sails the eastern coast of South America, to ports in Brazil and Argentina.

One of our top picks for a memorable South America vacation is a Galapagos cruise. The Galapagos Islands are full of wildlife and sea views accented by an array of flora and fauna. With Celebrity Cruises, you will sail around the islands with a naturist on board who will teach you about everything you’ll be seeing in port, which may include sea lions, giant tortoises, marine lizards, and a variety of interesting birds.


Cafe in Rome
Cafe in Rome, Italy

Celebrity Cruises has a strong presence in Europe meaning plenty of cruise itinerary options for you. Cross the continent of Europe off your list with a Mediterranean cruise that stops in beloved countries like Italy, Spain, and Greece. Or stick farther to the north and cruise the Baltic sea to the countries of Scandinavia and the northern shores of Germany, Belgium, and Russia. You can also cruise to Ireland and the United Kingdom, and down to Lisbon, Portugal.

With so many choices you may find yourself wanting to squeeze in an extra cruise or two to Europe within these seven years!


Whether you’ve always dreamed of going to Asia so you can walk along the Great Wall of China, or to explore the islands of Southeast Asia, or to see the wonders of India, Celebrity Cruises has you covered. Sail to Asia and experience the ease of visiting multiple cities and countries in one vacation with the comfort of going back to the same stateroom each night and the ease of exploring ports thanks to guided shore excursions.


Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

Visit the gorgeous South Pacific region of the world with a trip to Australia, a country so diverse it makes up practically an entire continent. New Zealand and few of the smaller island nations around Australia are also considered part of the Australian continent.

Celebrity Cruises sails a number of itineraries to Australia and New Zealand and you can choose from vacations that visit both, or that focus on a particular region, such as the North Island of New Zealand or Australia’s rugged west coast.


Celebrity Cruises makes it possible to visit Africa as part of a Africa and Europe Explorations vacation package. You’ll get the opportunity to embark on a safari through Africa before boarding a plane to take you to the embarkation port of your European cruise. All this with the impeccable service and planning Celebrity Cruises is known for.


Did you know Celebrity Cruises sails to Antarctica? That’s right, you can visit the southern most continent from the comfort of a Celebrity Cruises ship. Antarctica itineraries with Celebrity Cruises depart from Argentina and sail to Antarctica. Once you’ve arrived in the frozen south, you’ll visit Elephant Island and Paradise Bay, seeing incredible ice formations and possibly even humpback whales along the way.

And…you probably noticed that the Antarctica sailing also goes to South America, meaning you can visit every continent in just six years if you want. Here are some other tricks for visiting seven continents even faster than in seven years.

Transcontinental Cruises

A transcontinental cruise sails between two continents, usually because the ship is repositioning to start sailing new itineraries in a different region of the world than it had previously been based, Not only are transcontinental cruises an excellent way to see the world, they are also usually a great vacation value and provide you with multiple days at sea to relax and enjoy time on board the ship. There are two options for this type of cruise with Celebrity Cruises – a transatlantic sailing from Europe to North America or South America (or vice versa) and a Transpacific sailing from the South Pacific or Asia to North America (or vice versa).

And, if you also choose a Europe itinerary that visits Africa for your first European cruise trip, you’ll be crossing off another two continents on one sailing. So, if you choose a TransPacific Sailing from Australia to North America, a Europe sailing with Africa ports of call, and an Antarctica cruise sailing from South America, plus an Asia cruise, you can visit all seven continents in just four years!

Along with crossing every continent off your bucket list you’ll be crossing a number of countries off your list as well in these seven years. To start planning your epic travels to every continent, visit or speak with your travel agent.