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Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea on Celebrity Cruises

If you live in Southern California, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of — or attended — the Newport Beach Film Festival. Now in its 18th year, the Newport Beach Film Festival is a prestigious event held in Newport Beach, California, that highlights a variety of cinema ranging from local films to international and critically acclaimed masterpieces. During the festival, attendees can watch films, attend parties and galas, and more.

Presenting the Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea

This year, the event is from April 20 through April 27, 2017, but…the Newport Beach Film Festival fun won’t stop on the 27th. That is because Costco Travel has partnered up with the Newport Beach Film Festival to offer an exciting cruise experience: the Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea on Celebrity Cruises’ award-winning Celebrity Solstice ship.

Celebrity Solstice in Alaska
Celebrity Solstice in Alaska

The Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea will depart on a 7-night Alaska cruise itinerary on September 9, 2017. The cruise travels roundtrip from the port of Seattle, an easy embarkation port for west coasters to get to thanks to a multitude of flights that are often budget-friendly.

During the cruise, guests traveling as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea will get to partake in all the normal cruising fun on Celebrity Cruises. Get pampered at the spa, revel in fine dining at the myriad of specialty restaurants, lounge by the pool, take part in an adventurous or educational shore excursion while in port, watch the Hot Glass Show, and much, much, more.

Spa onboard Celebrity Cruises
Spa onboard Celebrity Cruises

Bonuses and Special Experiences for Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea Guests

Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea guests will also get extra bonuses as part of their cruise and get to participate in film related activities. These include:

  • Beverage package for two (as part of Celebrity Cruises’ GoBig Perk)
  • Welcome cocktail reception with hot appetizers ($30 per person value)
  • Q&A sessions and screening of films, shorts, and documentaries on sea days and evenings in Celebrity Central with the Newport Beach Film Festival’s CEO and President of the of the Orange County Film Society, Gregg Schwenk, plus a team of movie producers and directors. ($200 per person value)
  • Four course luncheon in Tuscan Grille with producers, directors, and the festival’s CEO ($55 per person value)
  • Wine tasting seminar voucher ($25 per person value)
  • Martini tasting seminar voucher ($16 per person value)
  • Private wine tower tour with sparkling wine ($25 per person value)
  • Private galley tour with sparkling wine ($25 per person value)
  • Costco Cash Card

Book Your Spot on the Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea!

The Newport Beach Film Festival at Sea package is offered exclusively to Costco members and the price of the cruise is currently starting from $1,509 per person. To find out more, contact a Costco travel agent.

A Special Cruise Offer Perfect for Families

Celebrity Cruises has a deal going on right now which is excellent for families. The deal? The Sail Beyond Event, which saves every person in your stateroom up to $150. That number goes up to $200 if staying in a suite.

The price saving per person breaks down to:

  • $50 for Inside Staterooms
  • $100 for Ocean View and Veranda Staterooms
  • $150 for Concierge Class and AquaClass Staterooms
  • $200 for Suites

The first two people for each stateroom also get two free perks if staying in an ocean view stateroom or higher category. Suite guests get all four available perks plus a Premium Beverage Package upgrade. Perks include:

  • Classic Beverage Package (includes alcoholic beverages)
  • $150 Onboard Spending
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Prepaid Gratuities

Additional third and fourth guests in a stateroom or suite get a Classic Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package and 40-minute Internet package.

To learn more about this offer and see terms and conditions, click here.

Family Fun Onboard and in Port During a Europe Summer Cruise
Family Fun on Celebrity Cruises

If the Sail Beyond Event sounds enticing, but you’re not sure Celebrity is the right fit for your family, we have good news for you. You may be surprised to learn just how many family and kid-oriented activities are offered on Celebrity Cruises. You can read more about why Celebrity Cruises is the ideal vacation for families in this informative blog post about family travel on Celebrity Cruises.

Not sure what cruise itinerary to do with your family? Here are some ideas to get your travel planning going.

Panama Canal

Teach your kids about the marvels of engineering by taking them on a Panama Canal Cruise. While sailing along the Panama Canal, you’ll get a close-up view of how the intricate lock system works to help ships pass through the waterway. It’s impressive to behold and neat to experience the filling and emptying of the water as you sit on the ship and the lock system does its work. You and your family will also get a taste of the wonders of Central America when you stop in ports such as Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala; Puntarenas, Costa Rica; Colon, Panama; and Cartagena, Colombia. Shore excursions include educational and adrenaline-inducing activities like the Tuk-Tuk Family Tour Challenge in Puerto Quetzal and ziplining through a rainforest. Here is an itinerary to check out that departs from San Diego, California (an easy to get to port for most west coasters!) that may be around your Spring Break time.


Explore destinations all over the world with Celebrity Cruises

Are your kids interested in history? Or do you want them to get more excited about their Western Civilizations class? Whisk them away to see historic sites and learn each sites story firsthand on a Mediterranean cruise itinerary that sails roundtrip from Civitavecchia, the port gateway to Rome. Add a vacation package for exploring Rome before or after your cruise and teach your kids about gladiators in the Colosseum, government in the Roman Forum, and the art marvel that is the Sistine Chapel. Your itinerary will likely stop in other ports in Italy before traveling south to Greece, or north to Spain and France.


If you want a combination of fun in the sun and action-packed days on your family vacation, a cruise to the Caribbean is the way to go.

With younger kids, consider a western Caribbean cruise since these often depart from Florida ports (Miami or Fort Lauderdale) making for a shorter flight to your vacation embarkation point and then quicker sailing time to ports of call. Here are a couple itineraries to check out that fall around spring break time this year and next.

  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Miami stopping in Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel. Click here for a last minute trip during spring break time this year, or click here for a similar itinerary departing from Fort Lauderdale in April of 2018 and see if times up with your kids’ school’s spring break.

Families who don’t mind venturing a bit farther to start their cruise vacation can fly to Puerto Rico and do a southern Caribbean cruise. Visit exotic islands like St. Maarten, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and Barbados. These itineraries offer a variety of islands and fun opportunities for shore excursions in every port. Here are a couple to check out:

So, if you’re feeling underwhelmed by this year’s spring break plans, add some excitement to your next family vacation with a family cruise on Celebrity Cruises. To book your family’s dream cruise, visit or speak with your travel agent.

5 Reasons You Should Book Your Summer Cruise Now

Are you over the rain and cold and already dreaming about a summer cruise vacation? Here’s why it’s time to stop dreaming and book that cruise right away (and then you can get back to daydreaming about lovely ports of call, sumptuous staterooms, gourmet cuisine, relaxing spa treatments….the list goes on and on).

Enjoy a drink on the Celebrity Cruises Lawn Club.

Huge Savings

You might be thinking of waiting to book your cruise because then you can get a last-minute deal. Well, maybe there’ll be a last-minute deal, but do you really want t risk your summer vacation budget on that? Especially when booking now means you can take advantage of spectacular savings like Celebrity Cruises’ amazing Sail Beyond Event. This special offer was just extended, which is lucky for you if you didn’t take advantage of it before because this is one stellar deal. The Sail Beyond Event applies to nearly every sailing Celebrity Cruises offers. Here are the savings you’ll get (based on double occupancy):

  • Inside Stateroom: $50 per Person
  • Ocean View or Veranda Stateroom: $100 per Person + Two Free Perks
  • Concierge Class or AquaClass: $150 per Person + Two Free Perks
  • Suite Class: $200 per Person + Four Free Perks

Those free perks you get to choose from include:

  • Unlimited Internet Package for Two
  • Classic Beverage Package for Two
  • Prepaid Tips for Two
  • $300 to Spend Onboard for Two

If traveling with additional people in your stateroom, the third and fourth passengers get a free non-alcoholic beverage package and 40-minute Internet package.

To find out more about the Sail Beyond Event and start browsing sailings around the world, click here.

Itineraries Will Start Selling Out

A view of Hubbard Glacier.
Sailing by Hubbard Glacier during an Alaska cruise.

Top sail dates and itineraries may start selling out soon which is another reason you don’t want to wait to book your dream summer cruise. Alaska in particular sells quickly each season. Curious what makes an Alaska cruise vacation such a popular summer vacation? Check out this article and you’ll soon be dreaming of heading north this summer, too.

Best Choice of Stateroom

Get your ideal stateroom by booking a cruise now, like this Aqua Class Veranda Stateroom
Get your ideal stateroom by booking a cruise now, like this Aqua Class Stateroom

Even if your preferred itinerary doesn’t look to be in danger of completely selling out, you may lose out on your preferred stateroom category by waiting to book.

Inside staterooms and ocean view staterooms tend to sell out more quickly for those looking to stay within a particular budget. However, if you’ve cruised before you also know the allure of having a veranda stateroom, which provides you with your own private balcony from which to watch the scenery sail by. Certain itineraries sometimes sell out of veranda staterooms faster than any other category since guests in the know want to be able to step straight from their stateroom into the outdoors and see the wild wonders of Alaska pass by or the awe-inspiring caldera of Santorini or any other of a number of incredible sights you’ll have the chance to see while sailing between ports.

Oh yes – and that brings us to another reason to book early. You want to not only get the stateroom category you desire, you also want to be able to choose where it’s located on board. Depending where you’re sailing, you may want to make sure you’re on the starboard side of the ship for best views instead of the port side, or vice versa. Even if you don’t care as much about the views, you may want to select a stateroom location that is closer to the elevators or on the same end as the lido deck or on a higher or lower deck depending on your preference. The possibility to be choosy in your stateroom category and location generally becomes less possible the closer you book to the sail date.

Other considerations to keep in mind for booking early when it comes to staterooms:

If you’re a spa lover, you also don’t want to miss out on the chance to stay in an AquaClass stateroom, while travelers who like extra services and amenities will want to book early to ensure they can stay in and take advantage of the perks that come along with a Concierge Class stateroom.

Those looking to pamper themselves with a stay in one of Celebrity Cruises’ decadent suites (which are value-heavy thanks to those four free perks mentioned above) won’t want to miss out on their first choice of suite type (read about them here!). Booking your summer cruise right now means you can reserve your dream suite before someone else does.

Celebrity Cruises Reflection Suite
The beautiful Reflection Suite.

Better Airfare Deals

Though Celebrity Cruises does have some homeport cruises ideal for west coasters to drive to, there’s a good chance you’ll have to fly to your cruise embarkation port. Booking now not only means taking advantage of cruise specials and prime stateroom locations, it also means you can start searching for the best available airfare. Last minute flights tend to be expensive so the closer you wait until summer to book your cruise vacation, the more likely it is you’ll have to pay a premium to actually get to that cruise. Celebrity Cruises also makes air travel booking easy for you with the ChoiceAir program.

So You Can Start Getting Excited!

Explore destinations all over the world with Celebrity Cruises

The earlier you book, the more you get to experience the thrill of anticipation in waiting for your vacation to arrive. It will make sitting at your desk each day much easier if you know you have a fun, relaxing cruise coming up.

Plus, booking earlier gives you plenty of time to meticulously plan your days in port and time on the ship to make sure you are aware of all your options and don’t get anxious about missing out on anything. Advance planning means you can pre-book shore excursions and get on your top choices before they sell out. It also gives you time to research the cities you’re visiting and find special gems you must see while there. Once you have your booking confirmation, you’ll also be able to start making specialty restaurant reservations, spa appointments, and other special experiences on board. Or spend your days leading up to your vacation perusing your ship’s deck plans and figuring out which lounges you’ll visit first.

Ready to book your dream summer cruise on Celebrity Cruises? Visit or speak with your travel agent.

New Year, New Sale — Now’s the Time to Book Your Cruise!

Happy New Year! Hope you’ve had a great start to 2017. We are here to make it a little better. How’s that you ask? Because Celebrity Cruises is having an amazing, never-before-seen sale until the end of February.

Every stateroom gets special savings for sailings to the majority of Celebrity Cruises’ destinations plus free perks for ocean view staterooms and higher.

Celebrity Cruises Special Offer

(Click here to see additional details and terms.)

To celebrate this awesome deal and the new year, we thought we’d highlight some of our top posts from 2016 which will give you some ideas on the destinations you can visit to take advantage of this deal.

What European Cruise Port Should You Visit?

Why Celebrity Cruises is a Great Vacation for Families

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Cruise to Europe

Why a Panama Canal Cruise is Great for West Coasters

What to Expect on a Cruise to Hubbard Glacier in Alaska

Why You’ll Want to Sail Away on Celebrity Equinox Caribbean Cruise 

Visit the Canadian Rockies During a Celebrity Cruisetour

Drive to Your Next Vacation Thanks to West Coast Cruise Departures

Winter is Coming…So Cruise to These Exotic Destinations

Wine Regions You Can Visit with Celebrity Cruises

Why You Should Cruise to a New Country in 2017

Which destination do you most want to visit in 2017? 

How to Get the Best Cruise Deals + Season of Savings

Everyone likes a deal, including west coasters. Here are some ways to get a deal on your next cruise, plus one special offer going on right now that you don’t want to miss.

Book a Cruise That Departs Close to Home

There are numerous cruises that depart from west coast USA ports, which you can read more about here. Choose one of these cruises and you’ll automatically be getting a better deal than non-west coasters because you won’t have to pay for airfare, or your airfare will likely be quite inexpensive if it’s just an hour flight to get to your embarkation port (such as flying from LAX to Seattle for an Alaska cruise, or San Francisco to San Diego for a Panama Canal cruise).

Take Advantage of ChoiceAir

If you are flying far for your cruise, make sure to look into Celebrity Cruises’ ChoiceAir program when booking. Not only can ChoiceAir flights save you money off the total price of your vacation, but it also gives you peace of mind since you’ll be assisted to get on other flights if yours is delayed for any reason — this helps ensure you get to your ship on time.

Talk to Your Local Travel Agent

A travel agent will know about special regional offers going on for the cruise on which you want to sail away. They also may be able to get you access to bonus amenities you otherwise wouldn’t know about.

Book a Last-Minute Cruise

Last-minute cruise deals can sometimes be found depending on the itinerary and exactly how last-minute it is (don’t wait until two days before a cruise departs and expect to get on one).

However, there are benefits to planning ahead if you know there’s a particular cruise you want to go on. These benefits often include better choice of stateroom, better airfare (particularly true for west coasters who want to fly to Europe for a Mediterranean or Baltic cruise), and more time to plan out your activities to do in port and on the ship. Plus, one more reason to book ahead for that cruise you’ve been eyeing right now is the…

Season of Savings Event

Book now through November 30, 2016, with Celebrity Cruises and take advantage of the Season of Savings Event. This special offer can save you up to $400 on your cruise and can be applied to nearly every sailing Celebrity’s currently offering. Here’s the amount you can save per person (based on double occupancy) depending on which stateroom you stay in:

  • Suite Class Stateroom: Save $400
  • Concierge Class and Aqua Class Staterooms: Save $300
  • Ocean View and Veranda Staterooms: Save $200
  • Inside Staterooms: Save $100

These are some of the best savings you’ll find all year on Celebrity Cruises! You’ll also get additional free perks if you book an ocean view stateroom or higher that could be a Classic Beverage Package (that includes alcoholic drinks), Unlimited Internet package, prepaid gratuities, or $300 to spend on board – best of all, you get to choose which perk you want plus some stateroom categories get multiple perks.

To learn more about the Season of Savings Event and start browsing destinations you could be vacationing in soon, click here or speak with your travel agent.

Cruising on Celebrity This Holiday Season

Spend the Holidays in the Caribbean with this Spectacular Cruise Deal from Celebrity Cruises

You’ve probably heard of Christmas in July sales – think of this as Christmas in August (plus Hanukkah and New Year’s!) thanks to the incredible deals Celebrity Cruises is having on itineraries departing in December 2016 and sailing over Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s. What’s so great about these offers that it will have you bidding your typical holiday plans good-bye and jetting off to the Caribbean? Read on to find out.

The Perks Double…and Even Quadruple

You may have heard about our “Free Perk” deal, an ongoing offer that lets you choose from four stellar offers the one that is the best fit for you when you book an oceanview stateroom or above. These perks include a free Classic Beverage Package (which includes alcoholic beverages), free unlimited Internet package (via Celebrity’s innovative Xcelerator high-speed Internet service), $300 credit to spend onboard (think spa treatments, specialty dining, shore excursions), or free gratuities (yup, gratuities for your cabin steward and other staff are added onto your booking cost in one convenient daily fee – this perk covers that). Depending on which one you choose, you can save hundreds off the total cost of your vacation.

Right now, when you book a cruise before August 31 that departs between December 18 and December 31, you get to pick TWO of these perks. Or if you really want a memorable holiday, book one of Celebrity’s sumptuous suites and get all four perks (this is an ongoing offer).

But wait, sail to the Caribbean over the holidays and you don’t have to book a suite to get all four perks if you book before the end of this month. Stay in a blissful AquaClass or Concierge Class verandah stateroom and you’ll also get all four perks. (Though still check out the suites – they’re pretty amazing.) This is an amazing value-add that will make your cruise feel all-inclusive while you experience the spa-centric AquaClass or newly enhanced Concierge Class of staterooms onboard.

So now you’re probably daydreaming over the thought of spending your holiday sitting on your own veranda, sipping a cappuccino or glass of wine, and watching the turquoise Caribbean sea ripple past you…but are worried there might not be enough room in your budget for that AquaClass, Concierge Class, or Suite Class accommodation. Luckily, here’s one more benefit of this deal. If you book an oceanview stateroom before the end of this month, you’ll get an automatic upgrade to a veranda stateroom.

Reduced Deposit and 3rd and 4th Passengers

We’re not done with the Caribbean holiday special yet! Book now or by August 31, 2016 and you’ll also only have to put down 50% of the typical deposit to secure your stateroom onboard.

In addition, over the holidays, we know you often will be traveling with children or other family members and we haven’t forgotten about them either. Many of our staterooms can sleep three or four (and sometimes even more) passengers. If you’re traveling with such a group, those extra passengers also get some perks since additional guests in a triple, quad, family or suite stateroom (3rd/4th/5th guests) receive a Classic Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package and 40-minute Internet package as part of this deal.

A Capella Singers on board Celebrity Solstice
A cappella carolers onboard a Celebrity Cruises ship.

You know what makes this holiday deal special, now find out what makes a holiday cruise so special while onboard.

  • Enjoy stunning decorations throughout the ship.
  • On itineraries sailing over Hanukkah, there will a Rabbi onboard for nightly services and you can also participate in the lighting of the menorah
  • Savor delicious holiday meals and traditional dishes with no prep or clean up to worry about.
  • A variety of holiday shows and entertainment, including strolling carolers.
  • Shop for gifts at fashionable boutiques on board and in exotic destinations
  • Special gifts and activities planned just for kids, including gifts from Santa.
  • On itineraries sailing over New Year’s Eve, ring in the New Year at a multi-venue, Gala Celebration while outfitted with tiaras, hats, horns and confetti, and dance under the balloon drop with Champagne at midnight.
Spend the holidays on a Caribbean beach this year.
Spend the holidays on a Caribbean beach this year.

To find out more about the ports of call these Caribbean sailings will be cruising to, click on the itinerary below that best fits your schedule and the holiday you want to celebrate at sea.

Celebrity Cruises Hanukkah and Christmas Sailings

8-Night Eastern Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 18 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7-Night Eastern Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 24 from Miami, Florida

7-Night Southern Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 24 from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Celebrity Cruises New Year Sailings

9-Night Eastern Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 30 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7-Night Western Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 31 from Miami, Florida

7-Night Southern Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 31 from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Longer Itineraries Over Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s

14-Night Ultimate Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 19 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

12-Night Southern Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 21 from Miami, Florida

Which itinerary sounds best to you? With relaxing destinations, onboard celebrations, free perks and upgrades, this is one gift you don’t want to miss out on giving yourself this holiday season. Book your cruise today (or at least by August 31, 2016 so you don’t miss out on this Caribbean holiday cruise deal) by speaking with your travel agent or visiting

Why You’ll Want to Sail Away on a Celebrity Equinox Caribbean Cruise

New Cruise Itineraries, Summer Camp, Special Cuisine, and More Activities are Coming to the Caribbean in 2017

The summer is already halfway over. If you’re already bemoaning the fact that you didn’t spend enough time at the beach or in the sunshine, don’t let that happen next year. How will you ensure that? With a cruise to the Caribbean! Celebrity Cruises is bringing its beloved ship, the Celebrity Equinox, back to the Caribbean for 24 blissful summer sailings in 2017, plus some exciting new sailings shortly before and after the summer months. Here’s what you can expect from these special cruise itineraries, including what makes them an especially good fit for families, foodies, and jazz fanatics.

The Itineraries and Ship of These Summer 2017 Sailings

Enjoy a glass of wine on the Celebrity Lawn Club.
Celebrity Lawn Club Onboard the Celebrity Equinox

Wondering where these sailings go in the Caribbean? The fast answer is all over, which means you can pick the itinerary with islands and city ports of call most perfect for your interests. From 7-night Western Caribbean sailings, to 10- and 11-night Southern Caribbean sailings, to itineraries with two overnights in New Orleans, you have a variety of cruises to choose from, each departing from Miami, Florida.

If you’re not familiar with Celebrity Equinox, you also may be curious what makes it so special. For starters, it’s part of Celebrity Cruises’ innovative Solstice Class of cruise ships. These celebrated ships have innovative, high-end features, the most visually appealing of which is the celebrated Lawn Club, a real-grass area covering a large portion of the top deck with room for bocce ball, a picnic, or a leisurely amble.

Celebrity Equinox also has a Hot Glass Show onboard, gourmet specialty restaurants, an award-winning spa, luxurious staterooms, and added bonuses for suite guests who get access to butlers and an exclusive restaurant. Plus, the popular CelebrityLife program is onboard, which offers a range of interactive classes, from wine tasting to photo editing to dancing.

Give Your Kids a Summer Camp at Sea

Summer camp is often about enrichment and education in an entertaining manner that creates lasting memories for kids. The 7-night Celebrity Equinox Caribbean sailings are going to take traditional summer camp and give it a modern luxury twist with the Summer Camp at Sea. It’s Celebrity’s first ever summer camp and families will delight in its activities – kids because they’re having fun, and parents because they’ll get some alone time while knowing their children are learning about new things and being active.

During the Summer Camp at Sea, kids ages three to 17 will get to partake in a variety of activities at no extra charge. Here are a few of the camp highlights:

Explorer Academy: This immersive academy teaches children “Adventure Through Science” by incorporating useful skills like coding and engineering with a fun dose of robotics and good old-fashioned tinkering thrown in.

iTake: This unique program lets kids be their own documentarian by providing them with a GoPro camera to shoot videos and then teaches them how to edit those video into a cool movie in the high-tech Celebrity iLounge.

Lonely Planet for Kids: This hands-on activity will get kids thinking about other cultures and countries as they focus on creating their own country complete with a flag, topography, currency, income sources, and more.

Other activities include mindfulness practice, cooking classes, arts and crafts, XBOX games, kickball, and family scavenger hunts. The Summer Camp at Sea operates on select sailings between June 4, 2017 to August 27, 2017, and as mentioned previously, it’s offered to children and teenagers onboard at no extra charge. Think how much summer camp on land has cost you in the past to keep your kids entertained when school is out; now you can put that money toward a relaxing family summer vacation and still give your children a fun and educational camp experience.

Caribbean-Inspired Culinary Experiences

Is trying new cuisine a big part of the thrill of traveling for you? Then you’ll love the Caribbean Culinary Enhancements onboard the 2017 Summer Equinox sailings. There will be complimentary and excursion types of food-focused activities offered, depending on how involved you want to get in the foodie world.

Complimentary Caribbean culinary activities will be offered onboard and include a modern luxury-inspired Taste of the Caribbean program. Special activities and events you can partake in free of charge as part of this program include Rum & Reggae parties on the Lawn Club, guest chefs and cooking demonstrations, the biggest wine tasting at sea with Celebrity’s expert sommeliers, mixology demonstration, and brunch paired with sparkling wine.

Chef's Market Discoveries Shore Excursions

To add a bit more flair into your culinary repertoire, opt for some of the Caribbean culinary extras. These include shore excursions with the chef while in port during which you’ll visit local markets and restaurants, and then enjoy an exclusive dinner experience with authentic local cuisine when you’re back onboard. These Chef’s Market Discoveries shore excursions take place in Bridgetown, Barbados; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; and several more food-centric ports.

If you want to do something different during your time in port, you can still have a special local food experience onboard thanks to the Taste of Caribbean’s 5-course tasting dinner, special pasta and mozzarella making classes, “Around the World” wine tasting during which you get to sample wines from a variety of different regions, and a mixology class where you get to do some hands-on creation yourself.

There will also be a Taste of Caribbean Premium Drink Package offered on the summer Caribbean Equinox sailings that includes many of the Taste of the Caribbean events plus other special drink and dining experiences.

Enjoy a drink on the Celebrity Cruises Lawn Club.

Jazz Fest During Spring in New Orleans

A prelude to summer special sailing on the Equinox is the itinerary with two overnights in New Orleans mentioned earlier. It departs April 24, 2017 and will give you an early taste of summer fun as it has an exhilarating jazz component to it. This Signature Event sailing pulls into port in New Orleans during the Jazz Fest, which you can attend while there. The 11-night sailing also visits Freeport, Bahamas; Key West, Florida; Cozumel, Mexico; Costa Maya, Mexico; and begins and ends in Miami.

No matter what part of the Caribbean you sail to, Celebrity Equinox does a great job of incorporating the surrounding scenery and culture into the ship experience and has the space to provide special programming that elevates your cruise into a spectacular and cultural Caribbean vacation.

If you’re interested in booking, don’t put it off – for a limited time, you can get four free perks on a Summer 2017 Sailing on Celebrity Equinox. These perks include a premium beverage package (which includes alcoholic drinks), high-speed Internet package, prepaid gratuities, and $300 to spend onboard. Plus, book an oceanview stateroom and get a complimentary upgrade to a veranda stateroom. If traveling with family and friends, the third and fourth guest in a stateroom get a Classic Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package and a 40-minute high-speed Internet package.

To find out more about this special offer or any other information about the Celebrity Equinox Summer Caribbean sailings and events onboard, speak with your travel agent, visit, or call 1-800-Celebrity.

It’s Not Too Late to Book Your Last-Minute Europe Summer Cruise

Plus get a great cruise deal when you do.

It’s officially summer! If May and the beginning of June were super busy for you due to end-of-school-year tasks and stressful work deadlines, then you may be finally slowing down enough to remember: hmm, I never got around to planning that summer vacation I was dreaming about. Well, we have good news for you — it’s not too late to book that summer vacation, especially if it’s a cruise to Europe thanks to these last-minute special offers.

Why Cruise to Europe this Summer?

Sail to Copenhagen and other ports during a Europe cruise.

In addition to seeing the beautiful, historic sites Europe is famous for, this summer is a good time to go to Europe because of the deals you can find.

Europe has often been expensive for west coast travelers to fly to, but flight prices for this summer are some of the lowest they’ve been in awhile, and you can find flights to London, Barcelona, or Rome from Los Angeles or San Francisco for under $1,000.

You can also check with your travel agent or Celebrity Cruises representative when booking to find out what sort of flight deals you can get by taking advantage of Celebrity’s ChoiceAir program. Booking your flight and cruise as a package can often save you even more money.

The Go Big Sale

Enjoy a drink on the Celebrity Cruises Lawn Club.

Speaking of flights and saving money, the Go! Big sale Celebrity Cruises has underway includes a $250 Air Credit on Europe sailings plus some onboard savings as well.

Many of our passengers enjoy drinks from our extensive wine and bar list throughout their cruise. These beverages can add up quickly so our current Go Big sale can result in huge savings for libation lovers since it means you can choose a free Classic Beverage Package when booking an oceanview stateroom or above, which gives you unlimited drinks for the duration of your cruise.

If drinks aren’t your thing, you can bypass the drink package and opt for a different free perk: $300 shipboard credit, free gratuities, or high-speed Internet for two.

If you book a suite, you get all four of the above perks included in the price of your cruise fare.

Celebrity Cruises Europe sailings are also up to 60% off right now. See a list of Europe cruises here and be sure to book by June 30, 2016 to take advantage of the Go! Big special offer.

And You’ve Probably Heard of Brexit…

The United Kingdom’s vote in favor of leaving the European Union, nicknamed Brexit, has impacted more than just its own pound currency. The Euro has also dropped since the vote, meaning U.S. travelers will get more for their dollar while in certain ports (on board, your purchases will be in U.S. dollars).

Book Your Last-Minute Europe Cruise and Go!

All this means this summer is a great time to book a last-minute cruise and begin exploring the many amazing countries and sights in Europe. Now you’ll just have to decide which countries you most want to visit — the sun-dappled islands and town of the Mediterranean or the vibrant cities along the Baltic Sea. Or a combination of city and island life. We have itineraries for whatever type of summer cruise you have in mind. Learn more at

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Why Now is the Time to Plan Your Summer Cruise

You know how summer is awesome on the west coast? The water finally gets warm in southern California, the rain ends in Washington, the Bay Area’s fog slowly lifts, and the temperature rises along the entire coast line? Well, what makes summer so great on the west coast is also what makes summer so spectacular in other areas of the world, too, and you should think about exploring them this summer. One of the easiest, most relaxing ways to do that is via a cruise and now is the perfect time to book.

Why Book Your Cruise Now?

As it gets closer to summer, more and more people will be booking last minute cruises. Get ahead of those people and ensure your ideal itinerary or cabin doesn’t sell out by reserving your spot now. Booking sooner rather than later also means having more availability of where on the ship your stateroom is located. Perhaps you prefer to be closer to the side of the ship the spa or main restaurant is on, or you like being on one of the higher decks. Booking earlier helps to ensure you get such a stateroom.

Get your ideal stateroom by booking a cruise now, like this Aqua Class Veranda Stateroom
Get your ideal stateroom by booking a cruise now, like this Aqua Class Veranda Stateroom

You’re still close enough to summer sailings, though, that you can take advantage of some great deals. Right now, Celebrity Cruises is offering its Summer Sale with cruises in oceanview staterooms beginning at $899. Plus, this Summer Sale includes a free drink package and a free Xcelerate Internet package with your fare. The latter is a big deal if you need to stay connected while sailing since Internet on cruise lines has historically been slow and expensive; Celebrity Cruises is turning that idea on its head by offering faster Wi-Fi that — for a limited time — is included in your cruise fare. If you need Internet access readily available on vacation, you’ll want to take advantage of this special. Plus, book today as part of the Summer Sale and you only need to put down 50% of the typical deposit.

Spa onboard Celebrity Cruises
Spa onboard Celebrity Cruises

Great deals aren’t the only reason to book a summer cruise right now, though. Planning a vacation also means getting it on the books at work before other people ask for that week off. Once you do you’ll have something blissfully relaxing to look forward to while you sit at your desk waiting for the last of blustery temperatures to leave and summer to truly arrive.

Wine tasting experience onboard Celebrity Cruises.
Wine tasting onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Plus, there’s all the things you can do onboard that you can’t typically do at home, like have multi-course dinners served to you each night, take wine tasting classes, attend live music and Broadway-style shows, swim in a pool with the open ocean surrounding you, and much more.

Tuscan Grille Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises
Tuscan Grille Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises

In port, you can lounge on a beach, explore historical landmarks, do an adventurous shore excursion, or hire private transportation to make your day completely your own. Whatever you decide, you’ll have an incredible summer vacation with Celebrity Cruises — as long as you don’t wait too long to book and miss out.

Exploring Santorini, Greece, while in port with Celebrity Cruises.
Exploring Santorini, Greece, while in port with Celebrity Cruises.

Visit to find your perfect summer cruise itinerary.



2016 Celebrity Cruises Signature Sailings

Celebrity Cruises Signature Sailings involve our usual incredible itineraries around the world — with a twist. Each Signature Sailing involves a spectacular event and passengers get the opportunity to attend the event while in port. Here are the 2016 Celebrity Cruises Signature Sailings.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

What: A once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is considered the biggest carnival in the world with amazing floats, costumes,
music, and a multitude of fellow revelers.

Itinerary: 14-Night South America and Rio Carnival

Depart Date: January 31, 2016

Depart Port: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ports of Call: Sao Paulo, Brazil; Ilhabela, Brazil; Buzios, Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Celebrating 400 Years of Shakespeare

What: Literary history comes to life on this exciting journey to Kronborg Castle, the inspirational setting for William Shakespeare’s legendary play “Hamlet” and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Itinerary: 9-Night Scandinavia & Shakespeare

Depart Date: April 23, 2016

Depart Port: Southampton, England

Ports of Call: Oslo, Norway; Skagen, Denmark; Helsingborg, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Fredericia, Denmark

Cannes Film Festival

What: Step aboard a Mediterranean cruise and step into the world of Hollywood royalty in Cannes during one of the most famous, star-studded film festivals in the world.

Itinerary: 10-Night Italy, France & Film

Depart Date: May 9, 2016

Depart Port: Barcelona, Spain

Ports of Call: Provence, France; Cannes, France; Florence/Pisa, Italy; Ajaccio, Corsica; Cagliari, Italy; Messina, Italy; Naples, Italy; Rome, Italy

British Open in Glasgow

What: The oldest and most prestigious of the major professional golf championships is now celebrating its 145th year at the legendary Royal Troon Golf Club.

Itinerary: 12-Night British Isles & The Open

Depart Date: July 13, 2016

Depart Port: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ports of Call: Belfast, Northern Ireland; Ayr, Scotland; Greenock, Scotland; Liverpool, England; Dun Laoghaire, Ireland; Cork, Ireland; St. Peter Port, Channel Islands; Le Havre, France;

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

What: Journey to the stunning Edinburgh Castle to experience Scotland’s largest and most popular event, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. “Tattoo” is the traditional signal used to call British soldiers to return to their quarters. Over time, the custom evolved to become one of the world’s most spectacular visual and musical celebrations.

Itinerary: 14-Night British Isles

Depart Date: August 6, 2016

Depart Port: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ports of Call: St. Peter Port, Channel Islands; Cork, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Liverpool, England; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Lerwick/Shetland, Scotland; Inverness/Loch Ness, Scotland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Zeebrugge, Belgium

New Years Fireworks in Dubai

What: During your Arabian Sea & India Cruise, ring in the New Year aboard the coolest party afloat, mesmerized by the record-setting fireworks that light up downtown Dubai from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Itinerary: 14-Night Arabian Sea & Indian 

Depart Date: December 19, 2016

Depart Port: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Ports of Call: Muscat, Oman; Cochin, India; New Mangalore, India; Goa, India; Bombay, India; Dubai, United Arab Emirates