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What to Put in Your Daypack for Ports of Call During a Cruise

One of the best parts of cruising is being able to explore a number of new destinations without having to continually pack and unpack your belongings. With a cruise, you just leave them in your stateroom, step off the ship to go explore, and then board the ship later that day to set sail for a new city, country, or island. Still, you’ll want some things with you during your day in port. Here are some essentials to put in your daypack.

What Type of Bag to Use

First, let’s discuss the actual daypack. What type should you bring? That depends a bit on where you’re going. If exploring a big city or bustling market or town center, a saddle bag style with a sturdy strap that you can sling over one shoulder and wear across your body with the main compartment in front of you will help you to make sure you keep your possessions in view.

However, if you’re doing a rural shore excursion, then a small backpack might be a better fit so it fits more snugly against you while you’re hiking, riding a 4-wheeler, or other adventure.

If you’re just using a purse, make sure it’s a sturdy strap so it’s secure and comfortable and make sure the strap is long enough to wear across your body. Depending where you’re traveling, you also may want to bring a water-resistant purse.

What to Put in Your Bag While in Port

Now for what to put in your daypack while exploring ports. Here is a list of some essentials you’ll likely want with you while in port no matter the destination:

Water: You should be able to easily find water to purchase in most ports you visit, but it’s wise to bring a water bottle with you so you have some right away in case it takes you longer than planned to find water.

Sunscreen: Even if the forecast looks overcast, slather on some sunscreen before leaving your stateroom and pack extra (a sunscreen stick takes up minimal space and won’t accidentally leak in your bag) in your daypack. A bad sunburn is a fast way to a miserable vacation, and even if your skin doesn’t typically burn at home, it may not be used to the level of the sun rays beaming down on you in other destinations, particularly ones closer to the equator.

Adhesive Bandages: Adhesive bandages like Band-Aids are smart to put in your daypack to cover any blisters on your feet in case your travel shoes aren’t as well worn in as you thought. They’re also good to have on hand in case you get any minor cuts while you’re out and about.

Sunglasses or Sun Hat: You don’t want to be squinting at all the gorgeous sites you’ll be seeing. Pack some sunglasses or a sun hat with a visor that won’t easily blow off your head.

Rain Poncho: Bring an easy-to-fold travel rain poncho with you and if it looks like it might rain, stick it in your daypack.

Your SeaPass Card: Don’t forget your SeaPass Card (which you’ll be issued upon boarding your Celebrity cruise). You’ll need it to get off and on the ship.

Extra Camera Battery: If you have an extra camera battery for your digital camera, don’t leave it in the stateroom. You may be surprised how much you turn your camera on and off throughout the day in port and you’ll run through your battery faster than planned.

Things to Put in Your Bag for Island Fun

Here are a few more essentials you’ll probably want to bring in your daypack if visiting an island during your cruise’s port of call.

Swimsuit: Be sure to bring one in your daypack even if you’re not planning on going swimming. You never know – your plans might change once you see that gorgeous Caribbean sea or other body of water where you’re traveling.

Towel: If heading to a beach or water-based shore excursion, bring a towel or be prepared to buy one from a local vendor stand.

Water Shoes: Depending on the type of beaches you’ll be visiting, you also may want to stick in some water shoes so you aren’t hurting your feet if the shoreline is made up of small rocks instead of sand.

Plastic Bag: Having a sealable plastic bag handy is good when hanging out by water to put cell phones or cameras in. Big waves can surprise you coming up the beach, and things can accidentally go overboard while on boats and kayaks.

City Exploring Daypack Essential

There’s not much more you need if doing a city tour than what’s on the general list, but here is one more thing you may want to throw into your daypack.

Scarf: If you’re planning to tour any churches, you typically need to have your shoulders and sometimes elbows covered. Have a lightweight scarf in your bag that you can pull out and wear over a tank top or t-shirt if needed. Churches with super strict dress codes will also require knees to be covered so it’s a good idea to do some research before your trip of any church you want to visit and see what the dress code is.

Are there any other items you think are essential to bring with you when exploring a destination during a day in port during a cruise? Share in the comments below! To find out more about what you can do during your time in port, visit the Celebrity Cruises shore excursions web page and start dreaming!

Do It Here, Then Do It There: Rooftop Pools in California & Pool Decks at Sea

One excellent thing about days upon days of sunshine in California is the ubiquity of pools. With so many pools dotting the landscape, it may be hard for a particular one to stand out, but this selection of rooftop pools in California don’t have any trouble with that. Read on to find out some of the best rooftop pools and lounges you can hang out in southern California, plus one innovative pool deck away from California that is coming soon and puts a whole new spin on ocean views.

Float at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego 

Enjoy skyline scenes of San Diego’s famous Gaslamp Quarter from the trendy pool chairs and lounges surrounding the large aquamarine pool at Float. Partake in blissful relaxation during the day and thumping beats and dancing around the pool at night. You’ll also find daytime dance parties (called Sunburn) on Saturdays during the spring and summer months.

The Rooftop by STK at Andaz San Diego

Andaz is another place to go in San Diego for relaxation during the day and DJ-spun beats at night, all around the shimmering rooftop pool. This sophisticated pool is also adjacent to a restaurant serving menu items with organic, local ingredients.

The London West Hollywood, Los Angeles

The rooftop pool at this swanky hotel in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles has a country club vibe and garden décor. Along with views of downtown LA and Beverly Hills, you’ll be able to enjoy poolside concierge service or rent a fancy cabana for the day.

Upstairs at Ace Hotel, Los Angeles

This hip rooftop bar has an urban feel and is located in the trendy Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The concrete pool is surrounded by lounge chairs boasting views of the LA skyline. Along with typical DJs on the event schedule for the pool, there are also live bands. Foodies will enjoy that Upstairs serves creative appetizers alongside specialty cocktails.

Presenting the Pool Deck on Celebrity Edge

Skylines and city views are great, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for looking at the sea. If that’s you, you may be interested in that aforementioned innovative pool with incredible ocean views…

In December 2018, a new cruise ship will sail its maiden voyage that is set to revitalize the cruise industry and what passengers expect from a cruise ship. That vessel? Celebrity Edge, the first ship in the Edge Class by Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Edge features many amazing features, including infinity veranda staterooms, a cantilevered dining experience on the side of the ship called the Magic Carpet, designer suites with plunge pools, rooftop gardens, top-notch entertainment, and a wide assortment of bar lounges and restaurants.

Oh, and one more thing – a stunning pool area.

Celebrity Edge’s main pool can be found on the aptly named Pool Deck. What makes this pool area so special is the amount of detail that has gone into making it modern and bringing the outside in. Feeling sunshine on your shoulders isn’t anything new while swimming on a cruise ship, but Celebrity Edge’s Pool Deck has panoramic windows positioned to make viewing the passing sea and land formations easy to take in. Plus, two raised hot tubs shaped like martini glasses give passengers another amazing vantage point for taking in those glistening ocean views.

The Pool Deck also has luxurious cabanas lining one side of it, which can be rented out. Lucky users of the cabanas will continue to have ocean views while lounging in comfort on poolside beds and couches and sipping cool drinks or ordering lunch and snacks.

Pool Deck Cabanas on Celebrity Edge
Pool Deck Cabanas on Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge’s first sailing will depart December 16, 2018, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which will also serve as Celebrity Edge’s homeport. Celebrity Edge will offer two different itineraries from Fort Lauderdale. One will be an Eastern Caribbean cruise that visits San Juan, Puerto Rico; Tortola, British Virgin Islands; and Philipsburg, St. Maarten. The other itinerary option sails around the Western Caribbean and stops in Key West, Florida; Costa Maya, Mexico; Cozumel, Mexico; and George Town, Grand Cayman. You can visit all ports of call and make your vacation a 14-night one by booking back-to-back sailings.

Bookings are already open for Celebrity Edge, and you can secure your vacation on this innovative ship by visiting or by speaking with your travel agent. And stay tuned for more Celebrity Edge and spectacular pools in the coming years – three sister ships to the Celebrity Edge will be debuting in 2020, 2021, and 2022.



Introducing Celebrity Edge: the Newest Ship from Celebrity Cruises

The Celebrity Edge is an Innovative Ship that Will Change How You Think About Cruising

One of the best parts about a cruise vacation is being immersed in the scenery as you sail along the wide, open ocean and through sun-dappled seas as gorgeous coastal towns and natural scenery come into view. Now, Celebrity Cruises aims to bring the outside in for your cruise more than ever before with the debut of Celebrity Edge, the newest cruise ship part of Celebrity Cruises’ award-winning fleet of ships – and it does so in a sleek, modern fashion.

Celebrity Edge is still in the process of being built, but it is already poised to be a game-changer for the cruise industry when it begins offering itineraries in December of 2018. Here’s why:

Fresh, Modern Design by Big Names

Iconic Suite Bedroom on Celebrity Edge
Iconic Suite Bedroom on Celebrity Edge

The look and design of Celebrity Edge was led by internationally renowned interior designer Kelly Hoppen and prestigious architect Tom Wright. Popular designer Nate Berkus was also brought on to serve as Celebrity Edge’s design ambassador.

What does this mean for your experience? A cruise ship vibe like no other that puts a focus on contemporary design with artistic flair and sumptuous comfort. You’ll find urban chic décor and bright, airy settings along with the modern luxury details discerning travelers from around the world have come to expect from Celebrity Cruises.

The Magic Carpet: A Cruising First

Magic Carpet on Celebrity Edge
Magic Carpet on Celebrity Edge

If you’re not a fan of having to wait on a cramped deck to board your tender to shore when your cruise ship is in port, then you’ll love the Magic Carpet and be amazed at its engineering prowess. The Magic Carpet serves as a relaxing and luxurious waiting area for passengers to sit and chat until their tender boat comes to collect them. Plus, you won’t be boarding any normal tender while sailing Celebrity Edge; instead you’ll step into one of the Edge Launches, a covered, air-conditioned boat with bucket seats and large windows for prime viewing of your new destination.

Sitting on the Magic Carpet.
Sitting on the Magic Carpet.

The Magic Carpet’s allure doesn’t stop there, though. It also serves as a specialty restaurant in the evenings when it “floats” back up to Deck 16. Thanks to its cantilevered position on the side of the ship, you’ll literally be dining over the open water. Get ready for some incredible views from your table.

The Magic Carpet also moves to other decks throughout the day, becoming an extension of the pool area on Deck 14 at times, and an al fresco extension of another specialty restaurant on Deck 5.

No matter what deck you step onto the Magic Carpet from, one thing’s for certain: you won’t want to miss the chance to see the world from its vantage point.

Designer Staterooms and Suites Highlight the Sea

Iconic Suite Veranda
Iconic Suite Veranda

Think you know what a cruise stateroom is like? Thing again. Celebrity Edge is transforming the way you experience seafaring living during your cruise.

Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda
Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda

A veranda stateroom is always a popular room to stay in for Celebrity Cruises guests and it gets a complete makeover on Celebrity Edge. The Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda features state-of-the-art doors that open completely to let you bring the sea air right into your stateroom, and so you can effortlessly step to the railing and see the views that await you. Outdoor ambiance is now a prominent fixture for many of the staterooms and suites on Celebrity Edge.

In addition to blurring the edges of outdoor and indoor space, 99% of the rooms on Celebrity Edge have king size beds plus you’ll find larger bathrooms, more storage space for your belongings, and spacious living areas.

Spacious Living Quarters in the Iconic Suite on Celebrity Edge
Spacious Living Quarters in the Iconic Suite

If you want to make that living area extremely large – and utterly fantastic – look no further than Celebrity Edge’s new suite categories: Iconic Suites and Edge Villas.

You’re going to want to live at sea after taking one look at the 2-bedroom Iconic Suites, which are nearly 2,600 square feet in size and feature panoramic windows in the bedrooms and living spaces plus a 700-foot, 270-degree ocean view verandah that will have you relaxing to pleasurable ocean views no matter where you are in the suite.

Edge Villa's Private Plunge Pool
Edge Villa’s Private Plunge Pool

The Edge Villas also have amazing ocean views, with 2-story windows and a private plunge pool on the verandah. Yes, picture that right now…looking out at the vast blue sea from your own private plunge pool. Guests staying in Edge Villas also have direct walk-out access to the Retreat Sundeck.

Retreat Sundeck on Celebrity Edge
Retreat Sundeck on Celebrity Edge

What’s the Retreat Sundeck, you may be wondering? It’s part of Celebrity Edge’s new area called The Retreat, a special section of the ship only accessible to guests staying in suites. Think of it as your VIP area on the ship. The Retreat has a private pool and lounge plus around the clock butler service and an exclusive restaurant called Luminae, in which only suite-class guests can dine.

The Rooftop Garden: An Open-Air Oasis

The Rooftop Garden on Celebrity Edge
The Rooftop Garden on Celebrity Edge

Guests sailing on Celebrity Cruises have come to expect and appreciate innovative and green outdoor spaces, like the highly lauded Lawn Club on the Solstice-class ships. Celebrity Edge continues this appreciation for outdoor spaces with its Rooftop Garden. The Rooftop Garden keeps the nature aspect from the Lawn Club by adorning the area with greenery tended to by a resident horticulturist. Throughout the day, games and activities are conducted in the Rooftop Garden and at night it transforms into an entertainment venue for live music and Celebrity Cruises’ popular “A Taste of Film” experience, which combines an al fresco meal and movie.

The Pool Deck: Cool in More Ways Than One

Celebrity Edge's Pool Deck
Celebrity Edge’s Sophisticated Pool Deck

The Rooftop Garden is definitely not the only place to relax outside while on the ship. The Pool Deck will likely be calling your name throughout your cruise. It’s where you’ll find the refreshing 25-yard lap pool, which has in-pool loungers (perfect for hot, sunny days – bring a waterproof case for your Kindle!) and an eye-catching mirror installation above one end of the pool. Whether you choose a lounger in the water or one of the many surrounding the pool, you’ll be relaxing in comfort surrounded by gleaming, artistic décor.

One of the coolest things about Celebrity Edge’s Pool Deck are the two hot tubs elevated up in the air above the pool (2-stories high!) and shaped like martini glasses. Whether you’re in the hot tub or the pool you’ll enjoy stunning ocean views since the design of the Pool Deck aims to bring you a truly oceanfront setting.

Pool Deck Cabanas on Celebrity Edge
Pool Deck Cabanas

The cabanas lining one edge of the Pool Deck also look out onto the ocean and are available to rent out during the cruise for some extra luxurious poolside relaxation.

Where Celebrity Edge will Sail

Celebrity Edge’s first sailing will depart December 16, 2018, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which will also serve as Celebrity Edge’s homeport. Celebrity Edge will offer two different itineraries from Fort Lauderdale. One will be an Eastern Caribbean cruise that visits San Juan, Puerto Rico; Tortola, British Virgin Islands; and Philipsburg, St. Maarten. The other itinerary option sails around the Western Caribbean and stops in Key West, Florida; Costa Maya, Mexico; Cozumel, Mexico; and George Town, Grand Cayman. You can visit all ports of call and make your vacation a 14-night one by booking back-to-back sailings.

Bookings are already open for Celebrity Edge, and you can secure your vacation on this innovative ship by visiting or by speaking with your travel agent. And stay tuned for more Celebrity Edge in the coming years – three sister ships to the Celebrity Edge will be debuting in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Nightly Entertainment on Celebrity Cruises

After an exciting day exploring a new port followed by a delicious dinner back on the ship, you might think your blissful travel day is over, but the fun is just beginning on a Celebrity Cruises sailing. The nightlife on board a Celebrity ship is varied, providing something for everyone after the sun goes down. Here are some of the top options for how to spend a night on Celebrity Cruises.

Theatrical Performances

Solstice Theater on Celebrity Cruises

Did you know Celebrity Cruises has a grand theater on board its ships? During sailings, Celebrity Cruises presents exhilarating shows that are reminiscent of Broadway, with gifted performers. The highlight of this is Elyria, an adults-only production that puts an intriguing twist on a fairytale with enchanting dream-like visuals and acrobatics alongside powerful singing and dancing.

Other nights in the theater, you may find a comedy skit, magic show, or live instrumental music performance.

Lounges and Bars

Cellar Masters wine lounge on board Celebrity Cruises
Cellar Masters

If good nightlife to you means a tasty drink in just the right setting to match your mood, then you’ll be glad to hear Celebrity Cruises has an assortment of lounges and bars on its ships. Here are some of the best ones for nightlife on board.

Cellar Masters – This is Celebrity Cruises’ onboard wine bar and it’s a leisurely place to get a glass of wine and relax on comfortable chairs for some enticing late evening conversation.

Passport Bar – Passport Bar is located in the Grand Foyer and its expansive space and comfortable seating makes it a great place to head at night for some live music and your favorite drink.

Michael’s Club – For those in Suite Class staterooms, you can spend your late night hours enjoying a cocktail or glass of wine in Michael’s Club, an exclusive lounge open 24 hours a day that has a sumptuous country club feel.

World Class Bar – If your idea of a good night is learning about the art of the cocktail and sipping some top notch liquor, head to World Class Bar and have its expert mixologists blend, shake, and pour you something delectable.

Sky Observation Lounge – This is a great bar to head to at night if you want to see moonlit views of the sea. You’ll also be entertained by Motown singers and dancers who take to the floor with some tunes that will surely get you in the mood to party.

Martini Bar & Crush – This is a chill (literally thanks to the shaved ice topped bar), yet happening place to hang out. Order a decadent specialty martini, and then make new friends as you converse with other passengers who make their way around the Martini Bar as it’s in a prominent location close to the main dining room. Martini Bar & Crush is a great place for an after-dinner or after-show drink if you’re not ready to head to your stateroom yet. The excitement can really pick up when the bartenders do their impressive multi-cup pours.

Martini Bar & Crush on Celebrity Cruises
Martini Bar & Crush

A Night of Indulgence

Think cabaret and speakeasy sultriness when it comes to Indulgence, Celebrity Cruises’ unique experience that takes place in Cellar Masters. The Indulgence party has cocktails and delicious hor d’oeuvres, but what really makes it special are the pop-up performances that happen throughout the party.

Dancing and DJs

Quasar Night Club on Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises has a couple options for dancing the night away.

Quasar – This is the nightclub on board and you can head here each night for some cool lighting and DJ-spun beats to dance to.

Solarium – If you want to move your body to some steady beats alongside ocean and star views, head to the Solarium, which has a alluring vibe thanks to its glass paned ceiling. Though a relaxing adult-only pool area during the day, at night Solarium is turned into a hot nightclub, complete with a DJ.

You can also grab your partner and start an impromptu dance session at the Passport Bar, Sky Observation Lounge, or pretty much anywhere with music on board!

Gambling at the Casino

Casino on Board Celebrity Cruises

Want to add an element of risk to your night? Head to the ship’s casino where you can try your hand at Blackjack and other table games, or test your luck on the slot machines.

A Taste of Film

A Taste of Film is a memorable movie experience that takes place on the Rooftop Terrace. You’ll get to relax under the stars on lounge seating and watch a film al fresco. Adding to the fun are special drinks and snacks that are prepared which go along with the theme of the movie.

Games and Competitions

In addition to the above bars and productions, there are many other activities offered at night throughout the cruise, often hosted by the lively Cruise Director. These may include karaoke nights, the Newlywed Game, the pop-cultured inspired Living Room Games, dance-offs, other amiable competitions, and more.

Note: Not all of the above nightlife activities are offered on every Celebrity Cruises ship. To find a list of attractions and amenities for each ship, click here.

Ready to book your dream cruise and take advantage of all this exciting nightlife? Visit or speak with your travel agent.

West Coast Christmas Markets & Christmas Celebrations at Sea

Ready for some holiday magic? Christmas markets are a great way to do so and you don’t have to travel all the way to Europe to experience one. Here are two ways to have some Christmas entertainment fun close to home on the west coast and while sailing the sea on a cruise.

San Francisco Christmas Fair

One way to experience the magic of Christmas on the west coast of the USA is to step back in time at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco. You’ll feel like you’re in London…in the 19th century. The Great Dickens Christmas Fair is pretty much exactly like it sounds like: a Christmas festival reminiscent of a Charles Dickens novel. You’ll encounter actors dressed in traditional Victorian garb as you walk down lamplit lanes decorated to reflect a London street from many Christmas’ past. Stop at the different stalls to browse holiday gifts or buy roasted chestnuts. There are also many different performances, including old-fashioned dance and music, plus entertainment created for children.

The annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair takes place in San Francisco’s Cow Palace Exhibition Halls and runs from the weekend after Thanksgiving to mid-December. You can purchase tickets here.

Vancouver’s Christmas Market

Just north of the USA/Canada border, you’ll find the British Columbia city of Vancouver. During the month of December, a portion of downtown Vancouver is turned into a winter wonderland reminiscent of what you might expect to see in Europe. Wooden stalls line the festival, filled with delicious holiday treats and gifts.

There is also a photo op with Santa Claus, live music, and a massive Christmas tree. Also, don’t miss stopping by one of the huts serving traditional Glühwein, a festive mulled wine. The Vancouver Christmas Market is at the Jack Poole Plaza in downtown Vancouver and you can get tickets to it here.

You can also find some Christmas cheer in Stanley Park (Vancouver’s gorgeous waterside and wooded park) at Bright Nights. Holiday animation and characters are on display and there is also a train ride you can go on around the park.

Christmas at Sea with Celebrity Cruises

When it comes to Christmas, most people who celebrate the holiday are used to spending it at home or at a relative’s house. While traditions and family time are usually wonderful, you may sometimes find yourself wondering what a non-traditional Christmas looks like, such as one spent at sea. At Celebrity Cruises, we don’t have to wonder; we strive to provide a festive and fun Christmas at sea for our guests who cruise with us over the holiday. Here’s what you’ll find when cruising over Christmas — just be prepared that you may be spending some time on the phone convincing your relatives to join you on a cruise for Christmas next year (though if you want to keep it to yourself and escape the relatives next year, we won’t tell!).

Celebrity Cruises Christmas Decorations

It’s not Christmas without a Christmas tree and on Celebrity Cruises you’ll find numerous adorned Christmas trees onboard when sailing during the holiday. You’ll come across garlands, gingerbread houses, reindeer statues, poinsettias, and other Christmas decor as well when exploring the ship.

Though not technically a decoration, kids will also love the ambiance of being around a white bearded jolly fellow: Santa Claus, who is onboard Celebrity Cruises’ Christmas sailings and even hands out gifts.

Christmas at Sea Dining

Christmas at home can mean hours upon hours of food prep followed by more hours of cleanup in order to have a successful Christmas meal. When sailing on Celebrity over Christmas you just need to dress up in your favorite holiday outfit and show up at the main dining hall for a Christmas feast served to you. After dinner, enjoy a special holiday drink at one of the bars and lounges onboard.

There will also be onboard holiday-themed entertainment and activities like caroling and crafts onboard Celebrity Christmas cruises. To find out more and to book your Christmas cruise, visit or speak with your travel agent.

Luminae Restaurant and Why West Coasters Will Love It

Learn About the Exclusive Luminae Restaurant on Celebrity Cruises + Other Suite Class Perks

West Coasters in general are dedicated foodies and love trying new restaurants and foods. At Celebrity Cruises, we also like experimenting with new flavors and introducing innovative dining experiences. Luminae is one our newest restaurants and has been rolled out to all our ships (with the exception of the Xpedition Class) and it comes with an air of exclusivity. After all, let’s face it, knowing you’re one of a small group of people to try a popular, hard-to-get-into restaurant always makes the dining experience feel a bit more special.

However, most of those type of restaurant outings are sporadic or even once-in-a-lifetime type dining experiences. At Luminae, you can eat there for every meal of your cruise if you’d like. So how is that exclusive? Because Luminae is only available to guests staying in one of Celebrity Cruises’ Suite Class accommodations. Here’s why this stateroom upgrade is so worth it both because of Luminae and other perks.

Luminae Restaurant Perks

Luminae onboard Celebrity Cruises
Luminae on board Celebrity Cruises

Luminae is located in its own special section of the ship and you must scan your suite room key in order to access it. Upon entering the light-filled room, you’ll be enveloped in soothing golds and creams while the outdoor scene unfolds before you thanks to large picture windows. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at Luminae for your convenience – and gastronomical delight – each day.

The food at Luminae consists of modern cuisine with an eclectic twist. Surprise your tastebuds with one of your favorite entrees that will be a bit different – in a good way – than you may be used to. The chefs at Luminae are inspired by cuisine from all over the world, meaning you’ll constantly have new tastes to try with new menus daily. Also, the menu items at Luminae are exclusive to Luminae and aren’t served in any of the other restaurants on board. You might feast on côte de boeuf  with Béarnaise sauce one night and Alaskan halibut with baby bok choy and sesame sticky rice another night.

Suite Class Perks

Staying in a Suite Class stateroom on Celebrity Cruises comes with some extraordinary benefits. You’ll get your own personal butler who can help you unpack, deliver cappuccino or snacks (or a full meal) to your room, shine your shoes, and a myriad of other helpful tasks that will elevate your cruise to a truly relaxing, blissful vacation.

Michael's Club
Michael’s Club

In addition to dining at Luminae, you’ll also gain access to Michael’s Club, an exclusive lounge on Celebrity Cruises to which suite guests have access. Michael’s Club has a luxurious vibe with comfortable chairs in a reading area and an inviting bar. Order a craft beer, sip a glass of wine or try one of the high-end liquors served. There are also pre-dinner tapas served each evening in Michael’s Club. In addition to drinks and good eats, you can arrange your next shore excursion or dinner reservation with the helpful concierge who is available for your convenience in Michael’s Club.

Celebrity Cruises Penthouse Suite
Penthouse Suite with butler

The suites themselves are spectacular, with spacious living areas and verandas – some which even have whirlpools. To learn more about the different types of suites and which one is perfect for you, read our suite blog post.

Other Perks – the Best

Also, if you book a suite, you get all four perks as part of our Go Big, Go Better, Go Best pricing, which enables you to choose certain amenities and onboard packages to be included in your cruise fare depending on then pricepoint you’d like to pay. These perks are:

  • Free Beverage Package (Includes Alcoholic Drinks)
  • Included Gratuities
  • $300 to Spend On Board
  • Unlimited Internet Package

Typically you decide how much you want to pay depending if you want one perk (go! big), two perks (go! better), or four perks (go! best),  but if you stay in a suite, you automatically get all four perks. It’s an amazing value. Find out how you can also currently save $800 with the Season of Savings Event by clicking here.

Plus, you’ll get that all-meal access to Luminae we were discussing – though you may find yourself also wanting to try some of the other specialty restaurants on board. The dining experience on Celebrity is one you don’t want to miss, and with a suite stay you truly have the opportunity to experience it all.

Find your perfect itinerary and book your Suite Class stateroom on a Celebrity Cruises sailing by visiting or speaking with your travel agent.

Celebrity’s Sommeliers Make Every Cruise a Wine Cruise

faYou likely expect that you’ll be able to get a good glass of wine on a cruise. But you might not expect to leave your cruise having a deeper appreciation for wine and feeling like more of an expert on different varietals, flavor notes, and more regarding wine — or having the opportunity to order an $8,000 bottle of wine if you so choose! This heightened wine knowledge is all thanks to the sommeliers onboard Celebrity Cruises, who can transform any cruise itinerary into a wine-focused cruise if that’s what you desire.

Learn more about wine from sommeliers.
Learn more about wine from a skilled sommelier on Celebrity Cruises.

A sommelier is a wine steward who has studied wine and been trained in all aspects of winemaking, plus passed a certification exam in order to get the title of sommelier. The sommeliers on Celebrity Cruises bring their wine expertise to guests through a combination of wine events and dinner assistance.

Before we get into what those wine experiences entail, here are some fun facts about the sommeliers and wine on Celebrity Cruises:

  • Celebrity Cruises employs one of the largest teams of certified sommeliers (200) in the world and the largest team of sommeliers in the cruise industry.

  • Celebrity Cruises has 23 sommeliers plus one CellarMaster on each Solstice Class ship and 12 sommeliers plus one CellarMaster on each Millennium Class ship. (CellarMasters oversee the entire wine program onboard including the wine cellar.)

  • Speaking of that wine cellar…Each Celebrity Cruises ship has a 10,000+ bottle wine cellar carrying over 400 labels of wine — meaning the sommeliers have to know their stuff!

  • The sommeliers onboard are trained by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan.

  • All Solstice Class ships boast a remarkable two-story tall wine tower, a radiant structure of glass and steel created by renowned designer Adam Tihany. Each holds 1,800 bottles of wine at the perfect serving temperature.

    The elegant 2-story wine tower onboard Celebrity Cruises' Solstice-class ships.
    The elegant 2-story wine tower onboard Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice-class ships.
  • 400 labels of wine are carried on each ship, ranging from $21 per bottle to over $8,000 per bottle. There are also 100 wines offered by the glass.

  • Celebrity Cruises has a rare wine collection including Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1898, Heidsieck Monopole Champagne 1907, Chateau Latour 1929, Chateau Margaux 1929, Chateau Petrus 1978 and Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

  • Celebrity has won 30 of the 34 Wine Spectator Awards of Excellence awarded in the Cruise Industry, and every one of Celebrity’s Main Dining Rooms Restaurants have won a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence

  • And last, but not least — Celebrity Cruises Sommelier Andey Ziff just set the world record for “World’s Largest Sommelier Wine Lesson” certified by the Guinness Book of World Records!

Night of the Guinness World Record being set for "World's Largest Sommelier Wine Lesson" on Celebrity Infinity.
Night of the Guinness World Record being set for “World’s Largest Sommelier Wine Lesson” on Celebrity Infinity.

Yes, the wine experiences on Celebrity Cruises are so popular they are now setting world records!

Wine Experiences on Celebrity Cruises

Wine demonstration at Cellar Masters, Celebrity Cruises' wine bar.
Wine demonstration at Cellar Masters, Celebrity Cruises’ wine bar.

Wine experiences onboard are part of the Celebrity Life Activities and range from beginner tasting classes to wine and food pairings to lessons on choosing the right glass for each wine varietal. Sommeliers lead each of these events and are on-hand to answer questions about wine as they lead guests through interesting tasting experiences.

Wine tasting experience onboard Celebrity Cruises.
Wine tasting onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Here are some of the wine experiences with sommeliers you can expect to find on a Celebrity cruise:

Port Wine Tasting: A sommelier will teach you about the different kinds of port from the Douro Valley in Portugal while you taste different labels.

World Wine Tour: Try wines from all around the world and learn how flavors differ among wine regions in a fun, social setting.

Italian Food & Wine Pairing: Learn how to choose the best wine to go with Italian cuisine, plus learn the basics of food and wine pairing in general.

Private Wine Tasting of Premium Wines: Want to sip more exclusive, high-end wines? This tasting experience is for you.

Riedel Crystal Comparative Wineglass Workshop: The glass your wine is poured in makes a difference in how it tastes. Learn more in this interesting wine workshop.

 Some of these wine experiences can sell out so be sure to sign up for the ones you want to do soon after boarding the ship.

Sommelier serving wine to a group dining onboard Celebrity Cruises.
Sommelier serving wine to a group dining onboard Celebrity Cruises.

During dinner, sommeliers are located in each restaurant — both the main dining room and specialty restaurants — and will personally stop by your table to help you pick out a wine to enjoy with your meal. The sommelier will also expertly seal up your wine bottle for you and store it if you don’t finish the bottle, and then deliver it to your table wherever you’re eating on the following evening.

Wine stored in the Celebrity Cruises wine tower onboard Solstice-class ships.

Before or after your meal (or whenever you’re in the mood for a glass of wine) you can stop by Cellar Masters for more wine excitement. Cellar Masters is the wine bar on Celebrity Cruises, and the sommelier behind the bar there will answer any questions you have about wine and will help you find the best one to fit your taste.

Pour your own tasting at Cellar Masters.
Pour your own tasting at Cellar Masters.

Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages

Celebrity Cruises Sommelier

An easy and often budget-friendly way to experience wines while sailing with Celebrity Cruises is to take advantage of one of the beverage packages.

The Classic Beverage Package (offered as a free amenity with Celebrity’s GoBig/Better/Best pricing) provides wine by the glass up to $9 plus a 15% discount on bottles of wine (even from our prized Reserve Wine list and Rare Wine list.) Upgrading to a premium beverage package is just $10 per day extra and includes wine by the glass up to $13 and a 20% discount on bottles of wine.

The Classic and Premium Beverage Packages include beer and spirits as well. If you’re just interested in wine, you may find Celebrity’s Classic, Premium, and Build-Your-Own Wine Packages more appealing.

Ready to meet some of Celebrity Cruises’ sommeliers and have a wine-centric cruise? Find your perfect cruise itinerary at or speak with your local travel agent.

Winning Photos from a Photography Cruise

See the results of a photography group cruise on board the Celebrity Equinox

The Celebrity Equinox played host to award-winning photographer Robyn Scott and a group of 78 amateur photographers during a recent Mediterranean cruise.  Robyn held photography seminars on sea days, coaching the photographers on how best to photograph each upcoming port of call.  On the final day of the cruise, each photographer submitted their best photo which was judged by the Photo Manager onboard Celebrity Equinox, and over $5,000 in prizes were awarded. Below are the beautiful winning photos. Take a look and see if your favorite is also in first place.

1st Place

Sea Reflection by Shelly Ann Talla, taken in Santorini
Sea Reflection by Shelly Ann Talla, taken in Santorini

2nd Place

Romance in Red by Tom Smith, taken in the Sunset Bar on the Equinox
Romance in Red by Tom Smith, taken in the Sunset Bar on the Equinox

3rd Place

Santorini Steps by Peggy Sue Flynn, taken in Santorini
Santorini Steps by Peggy Sue Flynn, taken in Santorini

People’s Choice

Dancing Lights on the Equinox by Tom Baker
Dancing Lights on the Equinox by Tom Baker

Honorable Mentions

Dusk by Alex Mak
Dusk by Alex Mak
For Heavens Sake by Gary Gilbert
For Heavens Sake by Gary Gilbert

Congratulations to the winners!

If you’re interested in a photography cruise or other cruise itinerary with Celebrity, speak with your local travel agent (it was a west coast travel agency that coordinated the Equinox photography cruise) or visit


Celebrity Cruises’ Delicious Sangria Recipe

Not Just Onboard — Make Qsine’s Sangria Drink at Home!

Typically, this popular sangria is served in Celebrity Cruises’ unique onboard specialty restaurant, Qsine, or at local West Coast events (find the next one closest to you), but now you can make it for your own special occasion thanks to the recipe below.

Qsine’s sangria recipe uses an eclectic mix of fresh fruit, white wine and artisanal spirits which give this sangria a palate embracing sensation. All ingredients are macerated overnight and served the next day to give this sangria its remarkable intensity and flavor profile.

Qsine Sangria Recipe

Celebrity Cruises Q'sine Sangria Recipe

Which Celebrity Cruises Specialty Restaurant is Right For You?

Your Guide to Celebrity Cruises’ Specialty Restaurants

Celebrity Cruises has a variety of specialty restaurants you can choose to dine at while onboard. If you’re only planning to eat at one or two, you might be unsure how to choose the best one for you so we are breaking down Celebrity specialty restaurants to make it easier for you, including a brand new specialty restaurant and a helpful dining program debuting on Celebrity Cruises later this year.

Looking for Romance?

Tableside flambe at Murano Restaurant.
Tableside flambe at Murano Restaurant.

Make a reservation for Murano, which offers classic French cuisine with some modern twists. The dining room is softly lit with a romantic feel thanks to white tablecloths and sumptuous décor. Special touches like an entree flambéed tableside also ensure you won’t run out of things to talk about with your dining mate. You can also try Murano’s Five Senses tasting menu, which serves six courses paired with wine.
Ships: Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Reflection
Food Style: French Continental
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Meals Served: Dinner

Want to Feel Like You’re in Tuscany?

Tuscan Grille Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises
Tuscan Grille Restaurant Onboard Celebrity Cruises

Bring the whole family or join some new friends at Tuscan Grille (or ask for a table of two if you’re looking for some more romance) and enjoy the contemporary rustic Italian setting. Tuscan Grille just debuted a new menu put together by Celebrity’s Michelin-starred culinary lead, Chef Gallagher. Pasta served in Tuscan Grille is 100% homemade, and you can also enjoy artisanal cheese and meats plus USDA prime dry-aged steaks and a variety of Italian cuisine favorites. You can pair your meal with an Italian wine or a glass of house-made limoncello.
Ships: Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Millennium, Celebrity Reflection
Food Style: Italian Steakhouse
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Meals Served: Dinner plus one lunch each cruise.

Seeking Some Exclusivity?

Luminae onboard Celebrity Cruises
Luminae onboard Celebrity Cruises

Luminae is a one of Celebrity’s newest onboard restaurant offerings and specializes in gourmet cuisine with a menu that is globally-inspired and can’t be found anywhere else onboard…and it’s only available to guests staying in one of Celebrity’s luxurious suites.
Ships: Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Millennium, Celebrity Summit
Food Style: Modern Eclectic
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Want a Unique Experience?

Qsine: Innovative and Unique
Qsine: Innovative and Unique

At Qsine, you’ll have a meal that is unlike anything you’ve had before. You’ll order your meal from iPads and be delighted with how your food comes as familiar cuisine items are transformed into something resembling works of art, like the sushi pops – but don’t worry, you’ll still want to eat it as it will be too tasty not to!
Ships: Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Millennium, Celebrity Summit
Food Style: Global
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Meals Served: Dinner

Does Healthy and Spa-Inspired Sound Good?

Gorgeous decor and healthy cuisine in Blu Restaurant.
Gorgeous decor and healthy cuisine in Blu Restaurant.

If time at the spa sounds like your ideal vacation day, then you’ll love capping it with dinner at Blu, Celebrity’s gorgeous restaurant that serves a spa-inspired menu. Be soothed by the bright white and rich blue décor that is reminiscent of scenes from the Mediterranean while you choose from healthy, yet flavorful and exciting dishes. One caveat of Blue: you’ll need to be staying in an AquaClass stateroom in order to dine at Blu. AquaClass staterooms have private verandas and many spa-oriented perks, which you can read more about here.
Ships: Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Summit, Celebrity Millennium, Celebrity Constellation
Food Style: Clean Cuisine
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Want to Dine Al Fresco?

Dine outdoors at Lawn Club Grill.
Dine outdoors at Lawn Club Grill.

Enjoy the sea breeze and lovely water views by dining al fresco at the Lawn Club Grill. This restaurant isn’t just scenery and air, though. Lawn Club Grill also has a fun atmosphere with custom-built grills where each table’s designated “grill master” can help prepare the table’s order while overseen by a Celebrity chef. You can also build your own pizza or put together your ideal salad at the salad bar.
Ships: Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Reflection
Food Style: Grilled Specialties
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Meals Served: Dinner plus lunch on select sea days

Ready for a Raw Bar?

Fresh seafood and more at Porch restaurant.
Fresh seafood and more at Porch restaurant.

Take in views of the sea while enjoying fresh offerings from the ocean at Porch, a laidback eatery that specializes in seafood. Order items from the raw bar or delight in the seafood tower, which has a massive array of fish and shellfish to try.
Ships: Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Reflection
Food Style: Seafood and Raw Bar
Dress Code: Casual
Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner

Love Asian Cuisine?

Ocean views at Silk Harvest restaurant onboard Celebrity Cruises
Ocean views at Silk Harvest restaurant onboard Celebrity Cruises

If you’re looking for some amazing Asian cuisine while sailing at sea, look no further than Silk Harvest. Not only does it have a wide range of Asian delicacies that expertly blend together Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine, Silk Harvest also has a soothing vibe with red and gold décor. Plus, the dining room of Silk Harvest has incredible floor to ceiling windows overlooking the wide blue ocean and any other incredible scenery you might sail past while dining.
Ships: Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Equinox,
Food Style: Asian
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Meals Served: Dinner

Want a Historic Ambiance?

Ocean Liners restaurant on Celebrity Constellation.
Ocean Liners restaurant on Celebrity Constellation.

If you’re not sailing on Celebrity Constellation, you can skip this one. If you are sailing on the Constellation, you are in for a treat at Ocean Liners. The decor of Ocean Liners’ is inspired by ships of the past and its walls are lined with paintings of the SS Ile de France and other historic ships. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the golden age of transatlantic sailings. The cuisine features high-quality ingredients with a focus on French dishes.
Ships: Celebrity Constellation
Food Style: French Continental
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Meals Served: Dinner

Like New Things?

The brand new Sushi on Five restaurant onboard Celebrity Cruises.
The brand new Sushi on Five restaurant onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Check out Celebrity’s newest specialty restaurant offering: Sushi on Five. Though sushi can be found at Qsine and Silk Harvest, it will be the main focus at Sushi on Five. The menu was put together by expert sushi chef Yoshikazu “Yoshi” Okada, and will be a la carte, so it’s ideal for stopping at for a light lunch or a full dinner. In addition to hand-rolled sushi, Sushi on Five will include tableside grated wasabi, house-made soy sauce, and other appetizer and entrée options. You can pair your meal with sake, Japanese beers, or an Asian-inspired cocktail.
Ships: Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Millennium, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Constellation. Will be debuting on Celebrity Eclipse on September 17, 2016 and Celebrity Summit on October 16, 2016.
Food Style: Japanese
Dress Code: Casual
Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner

Sushi on Five is just the start of new things coming for Celebrity Cruises’ cuisine experience. Next up is incorporating the program Dine Aware into the Celebrity cruising experience, which will debut in November 2016 and will make Celebrity the first cruise line to use the program. Dine Aware is the only standard for the food and beverage industry that focuses on food allergy and intolerance communication and experiences, meaning guests with special dietary needs will be able to dine confident while sailing on Celebrity Cruises.

Most specialty restaurants onboard are an additional charge to dine at, but are a much lower pricepoint than what you would have to pay to dine at a comparable restaurant on land, making it both an amazing culinary experience and deal. Be sure to book your specialty restaurant in advance of your sail date or as soon as you board as many of the restaurants fill up fast, particularly on certain nights. To find out more about the dining experience onboard Celebrity Cruises, or to book your cruise and start reserving your specialty restaurant experiences, visit or speak with your travel agent.